Sandro Pedroso updates his health status and reflects: “Today could be our last day” – Who


Sandro Pedroso (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Sandro Pedroso reassured his fans by sharing his health status on Thursday (15), with them on Instagram. The actor and former son-in-law of the singer Leonardo, recorded videos talking about the ‘scare’ of the previous night, when he was rushed from the gym to the hospital, and took the opportunity to send a motivational message to his followers.

“There was no change in the electro, but he asked me for other tests to make sure I’m fine. If you love someone, tell that person that you love them. If you’re fighting with someone, be your father, your mother, your friend , ask for forgiveness. Give me forgiveness. Do you know why? Today, it could be our last day … Thank you very much for your affection and all the messages I received wishing you well “, he thanked. Watch the video below:

To whom, Sandro reinforced that he is fine: “Everything is fine, yes. The electrocardiogram did not change, but even so, the doctor asked me to do the ergometric test as a guarantee”.

Wanted by Who, on Wednesday night (14), Sandro reported what happened while waiting for the result of an electrocardiogram. “I was going to the gym and I started to feel bad, my mouth started to dry and tingle my arm. I already asked the people who work at the gym to call the ambulance, but it took a long time to arrive. I started to get worse and they they took me to an emergency room here in GoiĆ¢nia (GO). I got there half unconscious and they put me on the stretcher to measure my pressure. Except there was no way to make an electro, because I had symptoms of a heart attack. medical friend, who has a clinic, and I came to do the electrocardiogram. I’m waiting for the result here. I hope it’s just a scare. Thank you all for your concern “, thanks.

Before, the artist had posted a photo on the social network in the emergency room. “What happened to me today made me reflect a lot on life and what is happening to all of us! Hey what are you doing with your life really worth it ?? I thought a lot about the people I love in the time of anguish , I really thought it was my last day! “, he said in part of the text.

He continued: “And you know what came to mind in that moment of anguish? How did I say goodbye to each person I love, some I thought: Wow I could have hugged you more, and another I thought; I could have spent more time that day with that person! “

In the end, Sandro motivated his followers to reflect: “If you are reading this post, do it right now, call the people you love now and tell them how much you LOVE them! Ask for forgiveness or for forgiveness if necessary, because you may be doing this for the last time! “

Sandro Pedroso (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Sandro Pedroso (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)


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