Sanofi reports positive results in animal tests for potential vaccine against Covid-19


Clinical trials of an experimental vaccine against Covid-19 developed by the French Sanofi and the American biotechnology company Translate Bio are on track to begin before the end of the year, after positive results in animal tests.

Logo of Sanofi in Paris 24/04/2020 REUTERS / Charles Platiau

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Sanofi and Translate Bio said in a statement on Thursday that the results of preclinical tests showed that two doses of the MRT5500 vaccine induced a “favorable” immune response in mice and monkeys.

There is still no internationally approved vaccine to protect against Covid-19, an infection that has killed more than 1 million people worldwide and unleashed economic chaos.

More than 40 drug makers and research groups are conducting human trials to develop vaccines, seven of which have advanced to the advanced stages.

The discovery, published on Thursday, is similar to the one released in August by Translate Bio, which at the time said it intended to launch clinical trials in November.

Sanofi and Translate Bio confirmed that a Phase 1/2 trial in humans would begin in the fourth quarter to test safety and determine dosage before a possible advanced Phase 3 trial, the last before the vaccine was registered with regulatory authorities .

The companies did not provide an accurate start date.

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