Santa Catarina extends state of public calamity for Covid-19


Measure taken by Governor Carlos Moisés extended the decree published in April to December 31

The State Government decided to extend the state of public calamity due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Santa Catarina. The decision came into effect as of this Wednesday (14), with the publication in the State Official Gazette.

Government of Santa Catarina extended state of public calamity on account of Covid-19 – Photo: Anderson Coelho / ND

Therefore, the term of decree 562 of April 17, 2020, which provided for a state of calamity for up to six months, was extended until December 31.

In the text, there are several rules that support coping with the disease caused by the new coronavirus throughout the territory of Santa Catarina.

What the decree says

As long as the state of public calamity lasts, the measures to combat and confront the Covid-19 pandemic provided for in the decree become mandatory.

Since it came into force, the document has undergone several updates involving, for example, face-to-face classes, sports competitions, the circulation of public transport vehicles and the operation of commerce.

The decree published in April, suspended classes in public and private education units, municipal, state and federal, at all levels until May 31.

The latest update, authorized schools to open their doors on October 13th. The return, however, depends on the situation of the potential risk map for Covid-19.

The risk map was another point inserted later in the decree. It indicates, by means of colors, the contagion levels of each region of the State and marks the reopening of services.

Decree from Alesc

A decree approved by Alesc (Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina) on March 20 already predicted the state of public calamity until December 31. Until then, the State lived in a state of emergency.

State Government decided to extend the term of decree No. 562 of 2020 – Photo: Reproduction / ND

This was the first time in history that the Legislative Branch, on its own initiative, declared public calamity in the State.

On previous occasions, the initiative has always come from the Executive Branch.

With the decree, the government was authorized to reallocate the budget in order to be able to take the necessary measures to combat the new coronavirus.


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