“Santa Clara? We have to get there with positive arrogance”


Rhow Amorim, Sporting coach, made this Friday the preview tomorrow’s game against Santa Clara, game counting for the 5th round of the I Liga.

In a conference guided by several questions about the possible exit of Observance, the green and white coach remembered that the Argentine is an important player, but that, if he has to leave, it is because the athlete is the best for the club.

Regarding Santa Clara, the coach foresaw a difficult game for the lions, saying that his players need to improve some aspects in terms of your attitude towards a ‘big club’.

Check out the essentials of the coach’s Press Conference.

Observance – rise of another young player ?: For now, the Observance is still a Sporting player. All Sporting players at all levels are being evaluated. It is not easy to replace the Observance. Team A’s door is always open, but players have to grow at the level of the Sporting team. That is the requirement, not the departure of someone.

Market balance: It was the campus wanted? Behavior of players who did not leave and are in B ?: I’ve done the market assessment.

Surplus: The focus is on Santa Clara and on this subject I have nothing to add.

Santa Clara of the least defended defenses of the championship: We have, as I said, to go in the same way, to be consistent. We have the same points and that says a lot. They will play without responsibility, in their stadium … They are a cheeky team. He has a goalkeeper who is one of the best to play with. We have to be committed and take the game. We have to arrive with a arrogância positive. What can not be missing is commitment and determination of the team, it does not depend on whether we are inspired or not.

Nuno Mendes: It was a very big surprise. When I got here and looked at them … I saw the Matheus more mature, Quaresma too and I thought Nuno Mendes was more late. I was wrong. He is very adult playing and now you can see some fatigue. He is not used to this pace, but he is a talent. I think you will be the owner of our selection for many years.

Observance about to leave?: What I can confirm is that Observance is not in the call. Even being an official is a club player. All players on the Sporting team are important, but sometimes other values ​​are raised. I can say that it will not be for this game.

Adam replacing Max – what the player feels: I am careful with all the players. What we did was bring in a player with a lot of experience and to help Max and the team. We don’t give a kiss. What we did in the market was to complement the youth we had. Football is the moment. THE Adam he’s been doing very well from the start, Max too … but he’s been deprived of training for 15 days. At the time, it was too early to figure out who would be starting. Adam it’s been fine and Max has to do his job. He has a great level but still has a lot to improve and will be a great Portuguese goalkeeper.

Criticism of arbitration. ‘Revolt’ by the tie is factor of motivation ?: In relation to that, we have to follow the game after talking hot. At the time, we said that we feel hurt, but it’s over. Now we only think about Santa Clara, I passed this on to the players. The rest is spent and is part of the game. If we are not at our maximum strength and commitment, we will not make a good result.

Without European competitions, there are better indices physical ?: The teams are prepared every three days. Competition helps, gives dynamism to the group. In terms of work, we can work on the process. What gives advantage, in the aspect tactical. Although players are not used to this pace every three days, players will grow.

Santa Clara – improvements a month later ?: In the physical part, we had the pre-time, then we had a few days without training and half with Covid. We had time to work and got better. With the misfortune of the Europa League, we had more time. To master games we still have to work hard … We have good things, good dynamicsmicas and good group spirit. There is a long way, but we are on the right path.

Preview: After a draw with FC Porto last match, Sporting travels this Saturday to the Azores to face Santa Clara.

After a game marked by criticism of refereeing, with a punishment for Rúben Amorim who was expelled in the last encounter, the lions coach will make the preview of the game, but it will also certainly address some news that have been made public.

With Observance to be decisive in the draw to two goals with the national champion, this Friday it is said that the Argentine is leaving, this at a time when the green and whites still try to set up their game model as a result of the arrival of several reinforcements .

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