Santa Maria and Vila Belmiro neighborhoods will receive the Dengue Mutiro next week


Two neighborhoods will receive the Mutirão da Dengue, next Wednesday (21), in Varginha. The action, which aims mainly to eliminate the outbreaks of the mosquito that transmits dengue, will be in the neighborhoods Santa Maria and Vila Belmiro, from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm.

The purpose of the city hall is to eliminate standing water deposits in buildings and land, with the collection of all useless materials, in order to prevent an epidemic of diseases transmitted by the vector Aedes Aegypti and other species of mosquitoes.

The City Hall asks residents to “remove from their homes, leaving on the sidewalks the very same day, until 7:30 at the latest, all useless materials such as old furniture, cans, glass, metals, tires, objects that can accumulate water, among others, because the collection trucks only travel the streets once, ”he said. “Tree branches and construction debris will not be picked up by trucks.”

Reports of cases that may have outbreaks of the Dengue mosquito can be made by calling (35) 3690-2230, from the Environmental Surveillance, or 153, Municipal Civil Guard, or by e-mail: [email protected] .


The Municipal Secretary of Health, infectious disease physician Luis Carlos Coelho warns that the population will intensify care to combat dengue fever now, that is, before the arrival of the rainy season scheduled for the coming weeks.

The secretary points out that the majority of dengue cases occurred due to indoor infestation, that is, with outbreaks existing inside the homes or in the backyards of the families, which reinforces the need to mobilize the entire population.

“It is important for everyone to dedicate 15 minutes every seven days to check the yard and the home to eliminate any possibility of mosquito outbreaks, remembering that 80% of dengue cases were contagious and making this inspection every seven days is possible to interrupt the mosquito’s biological cycle ”, he explains, he is Secretary of Health.


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