Santander Portugal moves forward with terminations by mutual agreement – Banking & Finance


Santander Portugal is proceeding with terminations by mutual agreement. The complaint is made by the banking unions, in a statement sent this Thursday. The bank guarantees that the withdrawals will be made by agreement between the financial institution and each worker.

“Many employees of Banco Santander Totta are being called to a meeting with Human Resources, at which an external consultant is also present. The objective is to present them with a proposal for termination by mutual agreement, with the consideration of compensation”, they affirm. the Mais Sindicato and the Union of Bank Employees of the Center, also stating that it is up to “each of the target parties to analyze the proposal, taking into account their job expectations and professional future, being free to choose to continue their career at the bank or choose another project “.

And they leave an alert: “the Mais Syndicate and the SBC make it clear now that they will not admit that workers are subject to any kind of pressure or threat – namely that those targeted if they do not accept the termination by mutual agreement may be intimidated. dismissed under the extinction of the job or through collective dismissal “.

On the bank’s part, the guarantee is that the withdrawals will be made by agreement. “Our performance has not changed. The policy that has been followed and that we continue to implement is that the withdrawals are made by agreement between the bank and each worker”, says official source of Santander to Negócios, without saying how many workers are covered in this process.

“We do not foresee that during the current year the average number of employees that will leave due to agreement, retirement and pre-retirement will change”, says the same source, noting that the financial institution led by Pedro Castro e Almeida “is, as up to now, committed to ensuring the proper protection of people, namely maintaining benefits and ensuring support for reintegration into the labor market “.

“However, never in recent years has Santander hired as many new employees as in 2020”, he concludes. At the end of June, the bank had 6,119 employees compared to 6,145 employees at the end of last year.


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