Santos Council approves blue uniform; debut is not defined


The Santos Deliberative Council approved, in a virtual meeting on Thursday night, the third blue uniform, launched on September 15.

The Umbro model was approved by a large majority, but should not debut in the match against Grêmio, Sunday, in Vila Belmiro, for the 15th round of the Brazilian Championship. The club will calmly define the pitch, align with the football department and warn the opponent.

The Council needs to authorize a uniform out of black and white, conventional colors on shirts 1 and 2, in addition to the old, unofficial badge. The piece was well accepted by the fans and is a sales success.

Santos shirt referring to the Pink October (Photo: Disclosure)

Pink October

The Council also approved the pink uniform, referring to the Pink October, which will be used by the Mermaids of the Village. The product aims to alert to the prevention of breast cancer.

The shirt was produced by Santos and Umbro in partnership with FEMAMA (Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Institutions to Support Breast Health).

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