Santos president criticizes arbitration and threatens to go to CBF: “We will not leave it alone” | saints


In an interview released by Santos TV, Rollo questions the two goals canceled and the decision not to expel Hudson after a cart in Soteldo. The official said that he intends to go to the CBF to complain about the arbitration.

– I understand that we were harmed by arbitration. (…) We need to claim for our rights in the appropriate legal sporting spheres. There are four bids in which we think we have been harmed, which directly interfered in the result of the game. Let’s get our rights. We will not accept the result that way, game is won on the pitch – said Rollo.

– In my understanding, the referee directly interfered with the result in his interpretations. They were wrong, especially in the two goals canceled. Unless mistaken, in the first the flag was already running towards the midfield. Arthur Gomes was hit in the face. And there was Hudson’s bid at Soteldo, which was to generate direct expulsion and generated a simple yellow card. It’s not shouting on the lawn, in the dressing room, it’s not up to the manager. We need to fight with the CBF, the arbitration committee. We will not leave it alone – concluded the president of Santos.

See the goals scored goals:


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