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The decision came after pressure from councilors, sponsors and the disclosure, by give, from excerpts of the Italian court sentence that sentenced Robinho and a friend in first instance to nine years in prison for group sexual violence against a young Albanian woman.

In the interview, Rollo explained Santos’ decision and said he abhorred any type of violence against women. The manager asked for more tolerance with the player, but admitted that the audios are very serious and revealed that he will ask for the termination of the contract if he is convicted in the second instance.

– We decided on a contract license so that the athlete can defend himself in the process that responds in Italy. I will not go into the merit if you are guilty, innocent. I am nobody to judge you. He has to be tried by the judge in Italy. We have to stone less and have more tolerance. I’ve done a lot, in my career, because I’m a police officer. I abhor the crime of rape. I abhor any type of violence, any type of violence against women.

– In my 18 years as a police officer, I have arrested dozens of rapists. I’ve investigated dozens of rapists. I have already sentenced dozens of rapists to conviction. So, I effectively fight against this crime, including a case that became very well known in Santos, that of Maníaco do Ônibus, who attacked women on buses, I was the one who arrested. We may be facing a new case of the Base School – said the president.

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Orlando Rollo Robinho Santos – Photo: Disclosure / Santos FC

The link with Robinho was valid for five months and, according to Rollo, will be discussed in a meeting of the Deliberative Council this Wednesday night.

– We have already formalized this license of Robinho’s contract to the Deliberative Council. If Robinho were to be acquitted in the second instance, I have no problem returning. If convicted, we will ask for the termination of the contract – said the president.

The Milan Court of Appeal will begin the analysis of the case, in a second instance, on December 10.

Rollo also said he understood about the severity of the audios, but that he will not judge the player until the final outcome in Italian justice.

– Evidently the audios are very significant. The crime of rape is quite disgusting. I have never responded to any administrative proceeding because I respect all fundamental rights and guarantees, and among them, of course, he cannot be found guilty until a final decision is made. Are the audios serious? Gravissimos! Was I bothered? Yes, I was very uncomfortable. The athlete and his defense claim that some audios were mistakenly translated from Portuguese into Italian and others were taken out of context.

– The sentence is bulky, with hundreds of pages, and we have to have an opinion after analyzing the whole process. I have total contempt for what was said in those audios. I really felt uncomfortable, but we cannot anticipate judgments. Who am I to judge someone? –

Robinho signed a contract and was announced on the 10th, with a symbolic salary of R $ 1,500.00, however, with a bonus of R $ 300 thousand after ten games and an additional R $ 300 thousand after 15 games, an amount that would be paid to end of the bond. The fish could renew for another year and seven months.

Sentenced in 2017 in first instance to nine years in prison for sexual violence in Italy, Robinho started training at CT Rei Pelé and had the support of coach Cuca, the squad and President Orlando Rollo, who in an interview with ge stated that the striker would be suffering “moral stoning”.

On the other hand, sponsors and advisors began to pressure Santos regarding a position on the case. On Wednesday (14), Orthopride was the first to announce the departure of the club “out of respect for women who consume our products”, according to an official statement.

Then, other sponsors took a stand and demanded an immediate attitude from Santos, who then announced the suspension of the bond.

Last Friday, the give published excerpts from the Milan Court ruling of November 2017, which is not yet final and was challenged by the defenses of the Santos player and Ricardo Falco, the other Brazilian accused in the crime. Their lawyers filed an appeal.

Robinho’s defense took place last Friday in a note released by lawyer Marisa Alija and lawyer Luciano Santoro, saying that “the player reiterates that he did not commit the crime of which he is accused and that he has always had sex in a consensual way”.

Registered with the CBF, Robinho still had no date set for his debut.

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Banner Santos Partner King – Photo: Disclosure


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