Santos striker Raniel will undergo surgery to drain hematoma after thrombosis | saints


Striker Raniel, from Santos, will undergo surgery to drain a bruise he had on his right leg after presenting a picture of deep venous thrombosis. The player is admitted to the Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo.

Raniel contracted Covid-19 recently, in early September, and, according to the head of the club’s medical department, Ricardo Galotti, it is possible that thrombosis is due to infection by the coronavirus. The attacker has no forecast of returning to training.

– The athlete Raniel Santana de Vasconcelos was admitted to the Sírio-Libanês hospital today, showing pain, edema and functional impotence in his right leg. Evolved to compartment syndrome due to extensive hematoma. He will undergo surgical drainage of the said hematoma. The patient is being accompanied by Prof. Dr. André EV Estenssoro and Dr. Fabio Luiz Novi – informed medical bulletin signed by doctor Fernando Ganem.

Raniel will undergo surgery – Photo: Renato Pizzutto / BP Filmes

This Sunday, Raniel was honored by his teammates after Marinho’s goal in the match against Goiás.

Kaio Jorge, Marinho and Pará pay tribute to Raniel and Sanchez – Photo: Reproduction

Also on Saturday, the player posted a photo on his social networks, thanking the fans for their support and also showing that he was doing well.

Raniel, from Santos, thanks support after hospitalization – Photo: Reproduction


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