Sara Barradas changes her look: “I’m wearing bangs for the first time in my life”


Photo: José Oliveira

The protagonist of “Quer o Destino” took advantage of the end of the TVI soap opera recordings to renew the image and return to the natural tone of the hair, in addition to no longer needing to stretch it. “I had to cut my hair because I was straight because of the character. Victoria’s hair is straight, while mine is curly and I couldn’t have that cut. So it had to be stepped on ”, begins by telling Sara Barradas to TvMais, confiding that this time she decided to take a risk on the look. “I did something more radical, which was the bangs. I never used it. I’m wearing bangs for the first time in my life. I was curious to know how it was ”.

The actress says she couldn’t have been more satisfied with the result. “Usually those who have curls don’t wear bangs, but I’m a bit ‘crazy’ and I decided to take a risk, I also clarified a bit, with these golden locks”, reveals Sara Barradas.

At home the change in look was so successful that she continues to receive praise from her husband, actor José Raposo. “Zé loved it, but he is suspicious because he always likes my visual changes. In this case, I thought I wouldn’t like it so much because of the bangs, but tell me every day: Oh love, that hair looks so good ”, tells the star of TVI’s soap opera.

Drooling Mother
The actress’ new hairstyle did not go unnoticed by the couple’s daughter, little Moon, despite being only 1 and a half years old. “She noticed that I was different and on the first day she looked at my hair a lot” says Sara Barradas, melted with the girl. “ANDit is huge. It already says mom, dad, aunt and grandma. The first word he learned to say was no ”. José Raposo’s wife adds that her daughter started taking her first steps at 14 months and is very active. “She already runs everything and doesn’t stop still ”.

The actress is now more dedicated to the family, although she recently participated in a series on RTP1, which opens in 2021. “I only participate in one episode. I don’t know what the future holds, but I don’t want to do another soap opera now. I need some time to rest my image and also for the public to be able to miss me ”, says.

Loved Victory
Sara Barradas finished recording “Quer o Destino” a month ago and couldn’t be more satisfied with her role in the plot. “Vitória was one of the characters I most enjoyed doing on TV. It was very hard work, but I was always well surrounded by great colleagues and excellent professionals. Everything went well ”. Although the premiere took place during the confinement in March, it highlights the public’s receptivity. “It was from the soap operas that I did that I received the best feedback. It started on social media and when we returned to our normal lives, people showed up even more. They really like the soap opera, even more than I expected ”.


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