SBT always knew that Larissa Manoela and Maisa were going to leave for bigger flights


Throughout this decade, Silvio Santos joked several times about the inevitable departure of Larissa Manoela and Maísa from SBT. Patrão always knew that the two largest children of the station would one day look for something that his company would not be able to offer – and that happened in less than ten months.

In July 2016, for example, I posted on my blog a comment by Silvio about Larissa: “This girl, you already know, of course, is a spectacular actress. I only regret that Rede Globo will one day take her from SBT. I’m sure”.

Larissa had renewed her contract in December 2015 for another two years. And in 2017 it renewed for the last time. At the end of 2019 he left SBT and shortly afterwards he made a deal with Globo, as Silvio predicted. Maísa announced her departure this Saturday (03). Everything indicates that it has Netflix proposals and sees possibilities to develop projects in its own digital media.

In fact, as with Larissa Manoela’s departure, SBT does not feel betrayed or abandoned by Maísa. The broadcaster knows its size, especially in this moment of crisis, and does not even have what to offer an artist with the young woman’s potential.

In the video she recorded to take stock of the “13 incredible years” at SBT, Maísa promised to speak offhand, without a script or teleprompter, “a sincere chat”, but she did not tell everything, of course.

It left only clues about the fact that the network was too small for her. And just look at SBT, its projects, its investments, its recent decisions, to fully understand why Maisa chose to “go one step further”.

“I started having proposals for other projects that I also wanted,” he said. “I am leaving for the unknown,” he added. “Taking chances on new projects, this will happen in front of everyone,” he promised.

“There is no negative reason for my dismissal. And there are a lot of cool things in store for me,” he said. “The SBT family will always be in my heart. I will not stop watching SBT. My family is a huge fan, I am a huge fan”, he repeated.

For no other reason, addressing the fans, Maisa asked them not to criticize SBT: “Don’t make this moment, which is so important to me, in a negative moment. Don’t try to tarnish my leaving SBT, don’t try to keep doing gossip, cursing. That’s why I came here to give my version. Don’t make negative comments on SBT’s social networks “.

He also asked: “I hope that the press has the same affection for me. Watch this video and report from my words because I will not give any interviews”.

In August 2019, I recorded the video below, in which I asked: What’s wrong with the Maísa Program?


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