SBT presenter calls agent to “punch” after assaulting the camera – 10/05/2020


A free-lance cameraman, at the service of SBT, was beaten by a prison officer in Rio, last Friday (02), during the course of a report. Outraged by the images that the young man managed to record while being attacked, Isabele Benito, presenter of the TV news “SBT Rio”, made a long outburst in the air addressed to the agent who attacked the cameraman.

“Do you want to beat me? My name is Isabele Benito. Come here and try to beat me at the SBT door. I go out every day at 1:30 pm. Come here for us to solve this”, protested the presenter. “Come here! Because to say you’re going to beat a black boy in the face with a camera in his hand because you didn’t think he was a SBT reporter, doing service for SBT, it’s easy! Come here and show who you are known “.

The cameraman went to the Ary Franco prison to record images of the departure of a prisoner who was mistakenly detained. One of the prison guards threatens: “I’ll beat you up here. I already told you not to record this shit.” According to the report that SBT showed on the case, the cameraman took two punches.

Isabele saw the images before the news program aired. And she was outraged. “The video revolted me. It hurt me very badly. It is a picture of what black people go through in this country,” he told the Twitter. “The cameraman is a humble guy, loved by everyone at SBT,” he said.

Before showing the story (see below), she announced that she was going to make the outburst that ended up going viral: “In addition to being angry, those who know me know, I am often explosive. But in this case I thought well and what I am going to say here is with courage. It is not with bravery “.

“I did not call the prison guard literally to beat him up. He is a figure of speech. An outburst in the face of everything we see, of cowardice”, summarizes the presenter.

After showing her outburst, Isabele says she received a lot of support. “People were thrilled at SBT”.

See the report shown at SBT Rio:


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