SC registers frost in the mountains and heat in the west this Saturday; PHOTOS | Santa Catarina


The weekend in Santa Catarina started cold. In Serra, the thermometers in the early hours of this Saturday (17) reached 0.58ºC in Urubici, close to 6 am. In the neighboring city, in São Joaquim, frost covered the vegetation in the Vale do Caminhos da Neve. Over there, the lowest temperature recorded was 3.6ºC at dawn.

Despite the phenomenon in the coldest cities in the state, the heat predominates in some regions throughout the day. In the West of Santa Catarina, temperatures pass 30ºC. The data are from the Environmental Resources and Hydrometeorology Information Center of Santa Catarina (Epagri / Ciram).

Rural area of ​​São Joaquim, in the Serra, this Saturday morning (17) – Photo: Mycchel Leganghi / São Joaquim Online

Temperature in São Joaquim reached 3.6ºC this Saturday morning (16) – Photo: Mycchel Leganghi / São Joaquim Online

Flowers were covered with frost in Vale do Caminhos da Neve this Saturday (17) – Photo: Mychel Legnaghi / São Joaquim Online

In the Litoral and Itajaí Valley, the cloudiness will be greater in the early hours of the day. In these regions the thermometers are close to 27ºC. In the North, where the minimum was 11ºC this morning, the maximum expected is 27º.

In Florianópolis, dawn was sunny and few clouds this Saturday (17) – Photo: Antônio Neto / NSC TV

Check the temperature by region:

  • North Coast: 17ºC / 28ºC
  • North Plateau: 11ºC / 25ºC
  • Grande Florianópolis Litorânea: 13ºC / 26ºC
  • Grande Florianópolis Serrana: 10ºC / 24ºC
  • Vale do Itajaí: 10ºC / 28ºC
  • Litoral Sul: 9ºC / 27ºC
  • South Plateau: 4ºC / 26ºC
  • Midwest: 6ºC / 30ºC
  • West: 7ºC / 31ºC
  • Far West: 14ºC / 33ºC

Sunday will have a greater presence of clouds in the state. The sun appears, but with some instability, mainly in the North, Vale do Itajaí and Greater Florianópolis. Throughout the afternoon, temperatures are between 26ºC and 32ºC.

In Florianópolis, the day will be sunny between clouds this Saturday (16) – Photo: Antônio Neto / NSC TV

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