Scientists create test capable of detecting coronavirus in less than 5 minutes


Cientistas have just created an extremely fast test capable of diagnosing the Covid-19 in less than 5 minutes, reports an article published in the Mirror newspaper.

The test was formulated by scientists at the University of Oxford and can identify multiple viruses, namely the flu and SARSCoV-2.

Nicolas Shiaelis, one of the researchers who helped develop the new diagnostic method, said: “our test is much faster compared to other diagnostic technologies; diagnosing viruses in less than 5 minutes can make mass testing a reality, offering a kinda highly proactive to control viral outbreaks “.

The test is done by performing smears in the throat, and involves the rapid labeling of virus particles with chains of ADN short fluorescent tubes.

A microscope is then used to collect images of the sample, prior to the machine-learning software being used to identify whether or not the virus is present in the sample.

Professor Achilles Kapanidis, from the Department of Physics at Oxford University, said: “Unlike other technologies that detect a late antibody response or that require expensive, tedious and time-consuming preparation of the sample in question, our method quickly the child intact virus particles; which means the analysis is simple, extremely fast and economical “.

Now, the researchers plan to develop an integrated device that can be used to carry out rapid tests in places such as concerts, airports and companies.

They believe that this device could be ready for widespread use by mid-2021.

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