Scientists find blood type less vulnerable to coronavirus


A Danish and Canadian study published on Wednesday (14) show that people with blood type O are less likely to have a severe Covid-19 condition than the type A, B or AB population.

According to the scientists, preliminary results show that the other groups are vulnerable to the worsening of the disease and spend more time hospitalized in treatment and recovery.

The symptoms are more accentuated and the organism is more weakened, however, he makes it clear that the members of group O are not immune to comorbidities and other risk factors such as age, obesity that can complicate the condition.

Danish doctor Dr. Torben Barington, who is also a professor at Odense University Hospital and University of Southern, points out that this does not mean that the type O population can be exposed to viruses freely as if they have some immunity. It also does not mean that groups A, B, or AB should despair.

For him, to a greater or lesser degree, everyone is in danger and the study that takes into account the blood factor still needs to be further explored. Little is known about it and more tests need to be carried out to substantiate the theory.

The observations published in the studies, took into account a limited group of people who had the data analyzed by them, but do not necessarily represent the majority of the world population. He says that more “scientific observation” is needed, so that the result is proven.

In addition, the links that establish this degree of vulnerability are still unclear and need further study and further observation.


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