Scientists find way to predict and prevent severe covid-19 reaction


Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK, have found a way to identify patients with covid-19 that can contract one of the most serious symptoms of the disease, and that can eventually lead to death. Scientists have found that it is possible to predict, through a blood test, which patients will develop what is called a “cytokine storm”.

The phenomenon is also known as hyperkerokinaemia and is described as a physiological reaction that occurs when the immune system releases a large amount of cytokines without proper control. Cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory signaling molecules, help the body fight infections. However, when release is excessive and uncontrolled, there is a risk of organ failure.

Led by university professors Tim Wilkinson and Tristan Clark, the research showed that a blood test aimed at analyzing five cytokines in particular can help predict which patients are at risk of developing the deadly symptom of excessive stimulation of these molecules. Thus, it is possible to act on treatments that block this physiological reaction.


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