Search operation for missing man in Askvoll


A leisure boat has been found drifting in Granesundet in Askvoll. Man in his 30s is missing.

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Norwegian Rescue Dogs are on site with three dogs to assist in the search operation. Photo: Helene Høiset Sæterdal / Norwegian Rescue Dogs

The main rescue center was notified of the drifting boat just before 2 pm this afternoon.

When a man was reported missing just after 4 pm, the Main Rescue Center launched a full rescue operation.

Eirik Walle at the Main Rescue Center says there was no reason to suspect when the boat was first discovered.

– The boat lacked an engine, and the oars were stored. Only when one person was reported missing did we put two and two together, says Walle.

The search for both the missing man and the shoreline for the missing man. Photo: The rescue company

Went on a fishing trip

The boat that was found drifting, must be missing his boat, the police say.

– The man is said to have been out fishing and working on some pots, says Tatjana Knappen in the West police district.

The search operation is led by the Main Rescue Center. The police are on site together with a rescue boat, air ambulance, fire brigade and helicopter from the Main Rescue Center.

– In addition to beach searches, we now start with searches along land using the Red Cross and Norwegian Rescue Dogs.

Earlier Thursday afternoon, divers from Måløy were waiting to start a search in the sea.

A number of boats search the sea between Atløy and Askvoll in Sunnfjord after a man is reported missing. Photo: The lifeboat «Halfdan Grieg»

– Darkness is a challenge

Norwegian Rescue Dogs arrived at the scene at around 7 pm to assist in the search.

Helene Høiset Sæterdal in Norwegian Rescue Dogs says they concentrate on searches along the shoreline.

– It’s a big area. We search along both sides of the strait.

They are on site with three dogs.

– It is nice and quiet weather, so the search conditions are good. But it is clear that darkness is a challenge, says Sæterdal.

The dog Nitro is one of three dogs from Norwegian Rescue Dogs that participate in the search. Photo: Helene Høiset Sæterdal / Norwegian Rescue Dogs

Has several theories

The button in the West police district states that the man they are looking for is in his 30s. She will not go into detail about when the man was last seen and by whom.

– We have a number of theories we work from without going into detail. A lot of intelligence work has been done.

Just before half past eight on Thursday night, the search is still ongoing, despite the darkness.

– We continuously make assessments about how long it lasts. We will continue for so long, even after dark, says Knappen.



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