Second wave of COVID-19 | Italy registers highest number of new cases in 24 hours


In the COVID-19 pandemic, some European countries are once again facing the threat of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), in a movement called the second wave of the disease. On Wednesday (14), the Italian Ministry of Health announced 7,332 new infections in the last 24 hours. According to the folder, this is the highest daily count ever recorded in the country. As for deaths, only 43 in the same time interval.

Before today, the highest daily count of new cases of COVID-19 had been recorded on March 21, with 6,557 infections and 793 deaths. As for deaths, the numbers recorded are now far from the peak of the coronavirus crisis in Italy, where the country has reported more than 900 deaths in a single day.

In second wave, Italy breaks record of new records of COVID-19 in 24h (Image: Reproduction / Gabriella Clare / Unsplash)

In the months of March and April, the Italian health system even collapsed in some regions with the wide demand from patients with COVID-19. To date, deaths have remained relatively low. However, the number of infected patients in ICUs is increasing daily. Today, there are 539 hospitalizations, while there were about 40 people in the second half of July.

It is worth remembering that Italy was the first country in Europe to be affected by COVID-19 and has the second highest number of deaths on the continent. There are 36,289 deaths accumulated since the appearance of the coronavirus in February, according to official government data. In addition, more than 365 thousand cases of infection were registered.

In 24 hours, Italy breaks the record for new cases of coronavirus, but deaths remain low (Image: Reproduction / WHO)

Between country numbers and information shared by WHO (World Health Organization), there are some variations due to the closing time of international reports on the organization’s pandemic.

Impacts of the second wave of COVID-19 in Italy

To contain the contagion of COVID-19, Italy imposed a severe lockdown and prevented the country’s epidemiological situation from worsening, according to local authorities. Now, with the second wave of new infections in recent weeks, the government imposed another wave of restrictions on Tuesday. Meetings, restaurants, sports and school activities are again limited, for example.

According to the country’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, there are attempts to avoid a series of new restrictions as strict as those already adopted by the country, especially at a time when the region’s economy is recovering.

However, Italian scientists claim that a lockdown it may be the only way to prevent infections from growing again. “I think that a block during Christmas is realistic, it would allow us to adjust the system, decrease the transmission of the virus and increase the contact tracking”, says Andrea Crisanti, professor of microbiology at the University of Padua.

In Europe, other countries are registering an increase in the cases of COVID-19. In this scenario, Italy still records significantly fewer daily cases than France, Spain and the United Kingdom, for example.

Source: Reuters

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