See job openings at startups and technology companies – 10/18/2020


Several Brazilian and international organizations – like TikTok – have vacancies in Brazil even in the context of a crisis resulting from the pandemic. Check out the current opportunities and sign up.


The fashion startup has 18 open positions, mainly in São Paulo. It also has several talent banks and temporary opportunities.

Check out all the vacancies available on the Amaro website.


Amazon has 105 openings, mainly in São Paulo, but there are also in Brasília, Jundiaí, Cajamar, Paulínia, Rio de Janeiro, Betim and Porto Alegre. There are opportunities for different career levels and areas, as well as a talent bank.

Check out Amazon’s opportunities on Amazon.Jobs.


The technology giant has 12 vacancies spread throughout Brazil, mostly in retail and one in software.

All opportunities are available on the website.

Arco Education

Arco Educação, the first Brazilian startup in the sector to go public on Nasdaq, has 23 vacancies (including opportunities for a young apprentice), in the areas of Purchasing, Accounting, Controlling, Finance, Tax Planning and Management, Legal, Financial Planning, Projects , Personal Sector, Technology, Information Technology and Executive Advisory. The opportunities are mainly in Fortaleza, but there are also in São Paulo, where the company has offices.

Apply for all vacancies through Kenoby.

Good for Credit

Startup that collects loans and helps its clients to choose has 14 open positions in São Paulo, in the Credit, Customer Experience, Marketing and Technology sectors.

Vacancies can be accessed by Kenoby.


Founded by two Brazilian members of the Líderes Estudar network, Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Francheschi, Brex is hiring Brazilian software engineers to work remotely. In addition to the competitive dollar salary, all employees receive shares in the company, which develops corporate credit cards for startup entrepreneurs.

Registration on the unicorn startup website.


Startup of the transport market, CargoX currently has 11 vacancies, all in São Paulo, in the areas: Finance, People & Management, Legal, Operations, Product and Sales.

Sign up with Kenoby.


Electronic signature startup, ClickSign currently has 11 open positions, for different career levels, in the areas of BI, Commercial, Financial, Support and Technology. All are in São Paulo.

Check out the opportunities at Kenoby.

CM Technology

CM Tecnologia, which acts as a connecting platform for hospitals and health units, is now open for 10 vacancies in Belo Horizonte, in the areas: Commercial, Marketing, Relationships and Channels, Technology.

See vacancies by Kenoby.

Blue Account

Conta Azul has 17 vacancies in Joinville and São Paulo, in the Commercial, Data, Customer Experience, Product Development (area that concentrates more vacancies) and HR sectors.

Sign up with Kenoby.


One of the most desired startups in Brazil, according to LinkedIn, Contabilizei has more than 80 effective openings in different sectors and for different career levels – divided between São Paulo and Curitiba—, but there are also several work positions 100% home office.

Access the opportunities and check their details here.


The financial organization specializing in loans, considered one of the top startups by LinkedIn, has about 48 open positions, mainly in São Paulo, but some of them are in Porto Alegre. There are opportunities for different levels and positions.

See vacancies at Greenhouse.

C6 Bank

The digital bank C6 Bank has 19 vacancies in São Paulo, where it is headquartered, and accepts resumes for its talent bank.

Check them all out by Gupy.


Startup of shopping delivery in shopping centers has 22 vacancies open in several cities in the country, in the sectors of Experience, Finance, Logistics and Operations.

Sign up with Kenoby.


Currently fintech is looking for 22 professionals in BI, BackOffice, Investor Central, Commercial, Development, Design, Devops, Marketing, Operations Desk, Ombudsman and Products.

Know the vacancies through the company’s careers page.


Real estate startup, EmCasa has 11 open positions. The opportunities are in São Paulo, but two of them (Sales Specialist) are in Rio de Janeiro.

Check it out on LinkedIn.


The most popular social network in the world has 11 open positions in its office in São Paulo.

Check all vacancies and their details on the Facebook careers page.


The company has vacancies to work in Brazil: 8 in São Paulo, 1 in Praia Grande and 1 in Belo Horizonte. There are opportunities for professionals from different fields.

At Google, you don’t have to be a graduate to apply for effective vacancies. As long as you have practical experience equivalent to the courses indicated by them, your curriculum will be considered.

Check all vacancies through Glassdoor.


The company behind the popular Brazilian personal finance application has 10 vacancies to work in the city of São Paulo, mainly in the area of ​​Technology, but there are also in Product, People, Marketing and Operations.

Check out all the GuiaBolso opportunities here.


A digital marketing agency, Hubify has 7 vacancies for different career levels (including internships), in the areas of Content, Customer Success, Paid Media, New Projects and Social Media – 1 in São Paulo and the others in Mogi das Cruzes.

Registration by Kenoby.


The largest foodtech in Latin America has about 32 open positions in several cities in the country, in addition to remote opportunities.

See more at Greenhouse.


A technology company specialized in monitoring and price intelligence, Infoprice has 9 vacancies, for different career levels and areas, in São Paulo (some in remote mode).

Access opportunities through Gupy.


Intelipost currently has 23 open positions in São Paulo, in the sectors: Customer Success, Customer Opperations, Customer Support, Products and Technology.

Registration by Kenoby.


Iugu is an online platform focused on financial automation. Today, it has 9 openings in São Paulo, in BI, Compliance, Engineering, Corporate Strategy, People & Management, Marketing, Fraud Prevention, Product & Journey and Customer Success.

Sign up with Kenoby.


Loggi is a logistics startup. Currently, there are about 22 open positions in the country. There are opportunities in São Paulo, Brasília, Cajamar and Belo Horizonte.

Check all vacancies by Kenoby.


Microsoft has more than 20 effective vacancies. 16 There are positions in São Paulo, there are 2 in Rio de Janeiro and 7 in other cities.

Check all the vacancies here.


Mindminers, a market research intelligence company, has 5 open positions in São Paulo (areas: Marketing, People and Culture and Sales), in addition to its talent bank, for which it also accepts applications.

See all opportunities for Kenoby.


The streaming giant recently opened 5 vacancies in Alphaville (SP), where its office in Brazil is located.

Check them all out on the company’s website.


At Nubank, considered the most desired startup by professionals in Brazil through LinkedIn, hiring is continuous. Currently, there are 6 vacancies in the country, in São Paulo, and its talent bank for PwDs is open.

Check out all the opportunities on the Nubank careers page.


Startup Pismo has 4 open positions in São Paulo.

Registration by Kenoby.

I want Education

The technology startup for Education has more than 30 vacancies for different levels and areas in São José dos Campos (SP) and São Paulo (SP).

See the details of all available positions on the Quero Educação career page.

Fifth floor

The startup that facilitates rental processes currently has 21 vacancies. These are locations in the cities of São Paulo.

Check the vacancies through Workable.


RankMyApp currently has 17 vacancies, most in São Paulo, but some remote: there are effective and freelance positions. In addition, it accepts resumes for two talent banks.

Registration via the Gupy website.


The delivery company currently has about 30 open positions in several cities in Brazil. Vacancies have different application deadlines and requirements.

Check out more information on LinkedIn.


The Salesforce CRM platform has 23 open positions – for different career levels and areas – in São Paulo.

Information about each of the opportunities and sign-ups via LinkedIn.


The entertainment technology company that is on the rise opened 28 vacancies in São Paulo, where its office is located in the country. There are opportunities in Operations, Marketing, Sales and corporate areas.

Sign up through the TikTok careers page.


The 99, for transportation, currently has 44 vacancies, divided among several cities in Brazil and by various sectors. It also has international opportunities, where the company operates.

Check all vacancies and their requirements on the 99 careers page.

* The text “Open positions at startups and technology companies” was originally published on the Na Prática portal, from Fundação Estudar.


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