see premium numbers of R $ 1.3 million


The special prize is from the Federal Millionaire contest, held once a month, which also increases the chance of a player winning

The special contest draw Federal Millionaire, 5506, from the Federal Lottery was held this evening, October 17, by Loterias Caixa. The dozens drawn form the combination of numbers on a ticket and the winner can win a prize of R $ 1.350 million. To track the result of the Federal Lottery, the player can watch the live broadcast on Caixa’s official YouTube channel.

Check out the result of the Federal Lottery 5506: 1 ° 088192/2 ° 052540/3 ° 001376/4 ° 062538/5 ° 081673.

1st PRIZE: 088192- R $ 1,350,000.00
2nd PRIZE: 052540- R $ 15,500.00
3rd PRIZE: 001376- R $ 14,000.00
4th PRIZE: 062538- R $ 13,000.00
5th PRIZE: 081673- R $ 12,227.00

When are the draws held?


The draws of Federal lottery always start at 7 pm and are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To follow in real time, playerses can watch the broadcast on Caixa and RedeTV social networks.

How to receive the Federal Lottery prize?

In accredited lotteries, the lucky person can withdraw prizes with a net value of up to R $ 1,332.78 (gross of R $ 1,903.98). If the amount is higher, payment will be made only at Caixa branches and the player will need to bring, in addition to the ticket, his ID and CPF

The deadline to pick up the prize is up to 90 calendar days after the date of the draw. If nobody is going to withdraw, the money is passed on tothe National Treasury for application in FIES – Higher Education Student Financing Fund.

What is the chance to hit the result of the Federal Lottery?

The chance of a person winning the Federal lottery prize is one in 100,000 in ordinary contests. However, if the contest is the special of the Federal Millionaire, the probability of winning increases and goes to one in 90 thousand.

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