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Sega is preparing to celebrate 60 years of life with a week dedicated to its birthday on Steam. In addition to several promotions, in games such as Persona 4 Golden and Bayonetta, the company will also make some titles available for free.

To redeem the games, you only have to link your Steam account to your email, until December 13th, through a website that the Japanese company created for this purpose. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Nights Into Dreams are two of the classics that you will be able to obtain at no cost.

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In addition to these offers, Sega also guarantees you exclusive access to free weekly content.

Finally, still on Steam, there will also be mini-games featuring the various worlds of the console. One mixes elements of Streets of Rage with characters from the Yakuza saga, Endless Zone is a reboot of the 80s arcade, Fantasy Zone, and there will be a third title, called Armor of Heroes, which is a multiplayer where you will have to battle with tanks of war against other players. These mini-games can be redeemed between October 15th and 19th.

Sega will also celebrate the 60 year mark in other ways. One arrives in the form of a Sonic skin for Fall Guys, which you can buy if you have enough coins from this popular new game.


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