Sega released canceled Golden Ax sequel – gets rave reviews from the game’s developer


Sega celebrated its 60th anniversary this week. In this connection, the company rolled out various mini-games as a kind of look back in time, but the stunt has not fallen into good soil with everyone.

Golden Ax is a prototype for a canceled sequel to Golden Ax. Image: Sega

Among the games was an early version of a canceled sequel to the game Golden Ax. However, the release came as a shock to the man who put together the prototype back in 2012, Tim Dawson, who took over Twitter to express their frustration.

– A nightmare

In a longer Twitter thread, Dawson says that the game – which Sega has chosen to call Golden Axed as a sign that it was canceled – was created under nightmarish working conditions. As he remembers it, the team worked 14 hours a day for two weeks to complete the project, while harsh criticism and increasingly difficult challenges ticked in from the management.

Sega never went ahead with the game – until the prototype appeared again now. Dawson says that no one contacted anyone from the development team before the launch, despite Sega saying the opposite on Steam. He also reacts strongly to Sega describing the game as a bit messy and broken – a description Sega has changed after the case received more attention.

In a statement to Eurogamer, Sega says that it was never the intention to act disrespectfully towards the original team. The company avoids addressing an apology to Dawson, but confirms that the Steam description was changed as it might be perceived as offensive.

– We clearly did not mean to evoke bad memories for Dawson and his former colleagues, or to act disrespectfully. We have removed the sentence from Steam that could be perceived as a critique of the development process, and assure that it was only meant as a comment on our own job of porting the game to PC.

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