Selective edict for professionals in the Health area; salary R $ 2,234


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It was launched this Saturday (17), the simplified selection process notice for booking registration for hiring physiotherapists and nutritionists. The professionals will work in Post-Covid rehabilitation services, scheduled to start in November 2020, at the Integrated Rehabilitation Center (Ceir). access the notice.

Enrollments – which are free – continue until the 21st and will be made exclusively through the website of the Reabilitar Association, a social entity that manages Ceir and is responsible for the selection process. The curriculum vitae accompanied by the respective proofs must be sent at the time of registration.

The remuneration for both positions is R $ 2,234.37. The results of enrollment and curriculum analysis will be announced on October 25, on the website of the Reabilitar Association.

The selection process will be divided into two stages: curriculum analysis and interview. On October 27, the calendar with the dates and times of the interviews will be released, which will be held between October 28 and 31. The forecast for the disclosure of the final result is November 2.

The selective is for booking registration and there is still no forecast of how many professionals will be hired.

Graciane Sousa
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