Senator Chico Rodrigues becomes meme in the networks after being caught with money in the buttocks


The news that Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR), then deputy leader of the Bolsonaro government in the Senate, was caught by the Federal Police with money in his underwear and buttocks was a full plate for Brazilians on social media. What ignited the timeline even more was the statement made a week ago by the president, when he said he ended Lava Jato because there was no corruption in his government.

Since last night, the terms “#DinheiroNaBunda” and “#PropinaNaBunda” have been two of the main subjects on Twitter. Amid the irony and mockery contained in the comments, it was memes, some of them pun intended, that dominated the networks.

Until yesterday this image was just a meme

And the puns, how?

That guy who scored on 45 minutes of the second half

Chico Rodrigues is caught with money in the buttocks. What does the crowd do?
() forgive
() subject is beaten
(x) people don’t forgive

Here is the big question of the moment

Lava Jato is over and now we have a suggestion for the new operation


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