Senator from Roraima is target of PF in operation against diversion of R $ 20 million to fight coronavirus | Roraima


Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM), deputy leader of the government in the Senate, was targeted by the Federal Police during an operation launched this Wednesday (14) to combat a criminal scheme of embezzlement of public resources destined to fight the coronavirus pandemic in Roraima .

The amounts deviated from the scheme add up to approximately R $ 20 million in parliamentary amendments, according to the CGU, which also acts in the investigations.

In the morning, PF agents and servers of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) carried out search and seizure warrants at the senator’s house, located in the Paraviana neighborhood, in the northern region, in a noble area of ​​Boa Vista.

During searches of Rodrigues’ home, the agents found cash. He even tried to hide the values ​​inside the clothes he was wearing, but the amount, not yet informed, was seized.

Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM) – Photo: Reproduction / Federal Senate

In a note, Rodrigues stated that he has no involvement with any wrongdoing.

“The Federal Police did their part in searching an investigation in which my name was cited. However, my home was invaded for just doing my job as a parliamentarian, bringing resources to combat Covid-19 in the state’s health” , said the parliamentarian.

PF action at Senator Chico Rodrigues’ house, in the Paraviana neighborhood – Photo: Laudinei Sampaio / Rede Amazônica

Altogether, federal police officers were to carry out seven search and seizure warrants at addresses in Boa Vista. All court orders were issued by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

In the scheme there was a criminal group that acted by directing bids. The group, according to the PF, defrauded bidding processes for specific companies, which were then hired by the State Health Secretariat (Sesau).

In addition to the senator’s house, the agents were at a drug distribution company, in the Center and at Sesau’s headquarters.

PF action on Avenida Benjamin Constant, Centro – Photo: Laudinei Sampaio / Rede Amazônica Roraima

In the investigation, CGU identified evidence of the practice of overpricing and overpricing in the hiring made by Sesau for the “acquisition, among other items, of PPE equipment and rapid test for the detection of Covid-19.”

In a note, Sesau said he had provided a copy of the two files requested by federal agents.

“As the search is related to lawsuits involving federal parliamentary amendments, the Communication Secretariat of the Government of Roraima clarifies that it does not have more specific information about the facts in question, since the Operation is under secrecy of Justice,” said Sesau.

In 2020, Roraima has received approximately R $ 171 million transferred by the National Health Fund (FNS). Of this amount, R $ 55 million are specifically for combating Covid-19, according to the CGU.

“The misapplication of these resources, at a time as delicate as the current one, is extremely harmful to society, already quite affected by the effects of the pandemic.”, Pointed out the Controllership.

Still in a note, the senator also said that he trusts in the Justice and that he will prove to have no involvement with irregularities.

“I am not an executive, so I am not an ordering officer and, as a legislator, I am still doing my part, bringing resources for Roraima to develop. May justice be done and that, if there is any culprit, let him be punished under the rigors of the law. ”

PF Operation Desvid-19 investigates diversion of resources to combat coronavirus in RR – Photo: Laudinei Sampaio / Rede Amazônica

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Deputy government leader in the Senate is targeted in operation against diversion of R $ 20 million


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