Serasa Score or Boa Vista Score: What is Nubank consulting?


As we have previously published here in Your Digital Credit website, some consumers have large differences in credit score scores. Thus, Serasa’s score may be lower than Boa Vista’s, or in many cases, the opposite happens. One of the most recurring doubts of Internet users refers to Nubank. After all, the Serasa or Boa Vista Score, which one do you consult?

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Serasa Score or Boa Vista Score: What is Nubank consulting?

Some time ago, Nubank used the Boa Vista score, but it seems that now it is using the Serasa score.

This is because Boa Vista’s score has remained unchanged with each new limit or loan request granted by Nubank.

As we already published in this matter here, the following financial institutions consult the Serasa Score:

  • C6 Bank
  • Bradesco
  • Nubank
  • Santander
  • Pag!
  • Trigg

Thus, in addition to consulting the Serasa Score, Nubank also sends information to Serasa’s Positive Register. You can confirm this by consulting the Positive Register, if your information has already been updated properly.

Regardless, the credit score is crucial when it comes to getting credit. Therefore, it is essential to have a healthy financial life in order to gradually build up a good credit score, whether in Boa Vista or Serasa.

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