Serious symptoms of covid-19 may be linked to blood type – Executive Digest


Symptoms of covid-19 and blood type may be related, according to two new studies published recently, which indicate that people with type O are at lower risk of contracting the disease, while people with blood type A and AB can develop more severe symptoms.

The conclusion was published this Wednesday in the magazine Blood Advances, from the American Society of Hematology, and was obtained from two studies.

One of the investigations compared data from 473,000 people tested in Denmark with information from another 2.2 million people. Among patients who tested positive for covid-19, the researchers found fewer people with blood type O and more people with types A, B and AB.

The results are reinforced by another study, based on data from 95 patients with covid-19 with severe symptoms, hospitalized in Vancouver, Canada.

Also in this study, the researchers concluded that patients with blood groups A or AB were more likely to need mechanical ventilation, that is, they had higher rates of lung injury caused by the new coronavirus.

“We observed this damage to the lungs and kidneys and, in future studies, we want to investigate the effect of the relationship between blood groups and covid-19 on other vital organs,” said the study’s author, Mypinder S. Sekhon, from the University of British Columbia, Canada.


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