Sesau promotes mammography referral and vaccination actions this Saturday, 17


Saturday, 17, in São Vicente, will be marked by health care campaigns. For women between 40 and 69 years old, the city of São Vicente, through the Health Department (Sesau), promotes referrals for the mammography exam. The initiative, in reference to the Pink October, occurs in all health units, from 8 am to 5 pm.

For assistance, it is necessary for the interested party to attend one of the units with the SUS and RG Card. Women aged 40 to 49 will be evaluated and, if necessary, referred for mammography.

Women aged 50 to 69 will be scheduled for the exam, which will be held at the Support and Diagnosis Center (CADII).

The campaign has the support of the Lions Club, which will be guiding the population at UBS Caic (R. Maria Rocco, s / n – Humaitá), UBS Central (Av. AntonioEmmerich, 509, – Vila Melo) and ESF Esplanada dos Barreiros ( Av. Brasil, s / n).

The mammography exam is a procedure that, using high quality images, can detect tumors that are too small to be noticed during the touch exam. Therefore, it is the most widely used method for screening breast cancer, as it allows for early identification of the disease.

In addition, national vaccination campaigns against polio, measles and multivaccination take place simultaneously in health units. The latter makes it possible to update the passbook of children over 2 months and adolescents up to 15 years of age who are in arrears. Immunizations also happen from 8 am to 5 pm.

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), there will be control at the access gates of the Units. The use of the mask is mandatory for children aged 2 and over.

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Check out the Health Units that will be attending this Saturday, 17:

– UBS Catiapoã / ESF Sá Catarina – Av. Pérsio de Queiroz Filho, 733/734 – Catiapoã

– UBS Central – Avenida Antônio Emmerich, 509 – Vila Melo

– ESF Japuí – Avenida Tupiniquins, s / n – Japuí

– UBS / ESF JIP- Rua Roberto Koch, 584 – Jóquei Clube

– UBS / ESF Náutica III- Rua Nicolau Patrício Moreira, 225 – Cidade Náutica

– UBS / ESF Parque Bitaru – Praça Infante Dom Henrique, s / n – Parque Bitaru

– ESF Parque São Vicente – Praça Dom Pedro I, s / n – Parque São Vicente

– UBS / EACS Pompeba – Rua Antonio da Costa, s / n – Pompeba

– UBS / ESF Praça Vitória – Praça Vitória, s / n – Vila Voturuá

– UBS / ESF Sambaiatuba – Praça Dom Bosco, s / n– Jóquei Clube

– ESF Saquaré / ESF México 70 – Rua do Meio, s / n – Vila Margarida

– UBS / EACS Tancredo Neves – Rua Luiz Meirelles Araújo, s / n – Cidade Náutica

– UBS / ESF Vila Margarida – Rua Polydorio de Oliveira Bittencourt, 299 – Vila Margarida

– ESF Jardim Rio Branco II and III – Rua Eduardo Cação, s / n – Jardim Rio Branco

– UBS / ESF Parque das Bandeiras – Dario Aredes Lacerda Square, 70 – Shop 11 – Parque das Bandeiras

– UBS / ESF Samaritá – Rua Sergipe, 70 – Samaritá

– UBS / ESF Vila Ponte Nova AND ESF Quarentenário – Rua Salvador, s / n – Vila Ponte Nova

– ESF Gleba II – Avenida Dr. Celso Santos, 510 – Parque das Bandeiras

– ESF Jardim Rio Branco I – Rua Antônio RiscallaHusne, 1760 – Jardim Rio Branco

– ESF Jardim Rio Negro – Rua E, 110 – Jardim Rio Negro

– ESF Nova São Vicente and ESF Vila Ema – Rua Eliseu Almeida Melo, 10 – Vila Ema

– ESF Parque Continental I and ESF Parque Continental II – Avenida CelulaMater, 940 – Parque Continental

– ESF Esplanada dos Barreiros – Avenida Brasil, s / n – Esplanada dos Barreiros


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