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A seventh installment of emergency aid of R $ 300 (R $ 600 for mothers who are heads of household) starts to be paid on Monday (19) for 16.3 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

THE payment schedule follows the order of the final digit of the NIS number, which is customary in the program, always on the last ten working days of the month.

In the second, they receive 1.6 million beneficiaries with final 1 NIS and so on (see full schedule below) until October 30th.

The registered in the program via Cadastro Único, application and the emergency aid website, are receiving the sixth installment and will receive the rest of the emergency aid and extension of R $ 300 according to the Cycles calendar created by the Ministry of Citizenship. (see full calendars here)

Calendar of the seventh installment of emergency assistance for those who have Bolsa Família

PaydayWho receives
October 19Beneficiaries with final NIS 1
October 20Beneficiaries with final NIS 2
October 21stBeneficiaries with final NIS 3
October, 22Beneficiaries with final NIS 4
October, 23Beneficiaries with final NIS 5
October 26Beneficiaries with final NIS 6
October 27Beneficiaries with final NIS 7
October 28Beneficiaries with final NIS 8
October 29Beneficiaries with final NIS 9
October 30Beneficiaries with final NIS 0

Check how many installments of emergency extension assistance you will receive

  • Who received the first installment in April will be entitled to four more plots
  • Who had the aid approved in May will receive three more installments
  • Who received the first installment in June win two more installments
  • Who received the first installment in July will only receive one more installment
  • Who belongs to the Bolsa Família program will receive all four residual plots of R $ 300

THE Ministry of Citizenship released the R $ 300 emergency aid extension schedule (R $ 600 for mothers who are heads of household) for beneficiaries who are not in the Bolsa Família program and defined all the dates for payment of the benefit until December.

The government maintained the system of payments and withdrawals by cycles and per month of birth of the beneficiaries, but changed cycles 3 and 4 and created cycles 5 and 6 (see full calendars by clicking here). The deposit calendar runs until December 29 and the withdrawal and transfer calendar runs until January 27, 2021.

Another change is that not all beneficiaries considered eligible in the first five installments will receive all installments of the residual aid: 27 million people will receive any of the four installments of aid of R $ 300 or R $ 600.

The new criteria were defined by the government and published in the Provisional Measure published on September 2 and the rules for the new aid installments have been tightened.


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