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This week has been both stressful and chaotic for several of this year’s “Skal vi danse” participants, as a result of several being affected by illness.

It all started with Siri Kristiansen (42) revealing on Instagram’s story function that her dance partner, Tarjei Svalastog (22), was down for counting. Shortly afterwards, it became known that Thomas Alsgaard’s (48) dance partner, Rikke Lund (24), had also become ill.

This is how they solve the transmission after illness

The same was the Youtuber Agnete Husebye’s (24) dance partner, Bjørn Wettre Holthe (39), and Andreas Wahl’s dance partner Mai Mentzoni. Birgit Skarstein (31) and radio presenter Michael Andreassen (48) were also ill.

As many as six out of eight couples have thus been affected by illness this week, and as a result some of them have, of course, lost several days of training towards tonight’s broadcast.

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– Ble superstressa

As mentioned, Andreassen was one of those who lay straight out on Monday. Andreassen can explain to Dagbladet that he woke up on Monday with a serious illness.

– Were you stressed?

– Yes of course. Are you yeast? I became super stressed because getting sick at all during “Shall we dance” is not good. So I really felt in my body if it was actually true, and just thought, “No, no, no. Father, ‘he replies.

BLE STRESS: Michael Andreassen makes no secret of the fact that he became very stressed when he experienced becoming ill this week. Pictured here with dance partner Ewa Trela. Photo Espen Solli / TV 2
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Andreassen can, however, announce that he is completely fine in shape again, but does not hide that it has gone beyond the dance training.

– The whole Monday went away, and then we had to be quarantined. We trained for two and a half days, he admits.

Reveals unaccustomed

Reveals unaccustomed

– How has the disease affected exercise?

– It has been hard work. We have trained more hours than usual. We normally train six hours, but now we have trained seven to eight hours. Normally we try to take Friday afternoon off, but now we had to train then too, he continues.

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Nothing wrong

Andreassen is honest that he would probably have been even better in tonight’s paso double, had he had more dance training this week. But despite less training, he is in good spirits before tonight’s broadcast.

– This is nobody’s fault, and that’s just the way it is. I can only do the very best I can, and I look forward to that. It’s not like I go in and have a stomach ache or am in a bad mood. It’s just giving gas and gønde on, he says.

Opens up about mom's cancer

Opens up about mom’s cancer

Siri Kristiansen can also sign that illness has gone beyond dance training, when the dance partner was affected by illness. Kristiansen, on the other hand, escaped.

– Tarjei became ill early on Monday and lay spitting for 24 hours. Then there was the 48 hour quarantine, and we were not allowed to start dancing until Thursday night. At that time, Tarjei was still quite reduced, but we managed to create a choreography, she explains.

GOT AWAY: Even though the dance partner Tarjei Svalastog was straight out with the period sickness, Siri Kristiansen escaped. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2 / NTB
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Kristiansen admits that she hoped to be told that they could take autumn leave due to the fact that several were affected by illness. But that was not the case.

– How is Tarjei’s form now?

– He is quite alert again now, but it is only today. Yesterday we trained and had to stop quite often. He has not spit, but he is quite reduced, she answers.

- I'm getting physically unwell

– I’m getting physically unwell

When asked if Kristiansen thinks it could go beyond tonight’s performance, she answers:

– Fortunately, when things go really smoothly, I manage to see something humorous in it. So when the crisis is over, I have better courage than usual. It’s not that that dance is going to reach a new level, but I think I’m going to have fun anyway.

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Will go as planned

Although most of the “Shall we dance” couples have been affected by illness, there will be some changes in tonight’s broadcast. They assured the press manager of TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, to Dagbladet.

– We have not planned any changes in Saturday’s “Skal vi danse” broadcast as a result of this, he said.

He could also assure that everyone who has been ill is recovering, and that arrangements were made for those who had lost valuable training time to have the opportunity to make up for some of what they lost.


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