Shall We Dance, Martin Andresen | Michael Andreassen and Nate Kahungu have consequences after voting trouble:


After last week’s voting trouble, Michael Andreassen and Nate Kahungu start with less points than the other participants.

Last Saturday, Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling were sent home from “Skal vi danse” – before the counter-message came on Sunday.

Several TV viewers had experienced voice problems during the dance duel between Kahungu and Michael Andreassen, and TV 2 later found out that the capacity of the voice system was blown up. Thus, Kahungu had to keep his place in the competition, and on Saturday night two celebrities have to leave.

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Both Andreassen and Kahungu know this extra well. To Nettavisen on Saturday night, the P4 profile and the former “Love Island” participant admit that they have had to work a little with the psyche on dance training this week.

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– There was a lot of back and forth at the beginning of the week. We did not know what was going to happen – and then I thought a little extra about it. I have spent a lot of time getting rid of the insecure feelings, because there are things we can not do anything about. We somehow do not get to do much other than dance, Andreassen says to Nettavisen.

Click on the image to enlarge. Shall we dance - program 02 2020 Michael Andreassen and Ewa Trela ​​Shall we dance - program 02 The images can only be used by the media in connection with coverage of TV 2 or TV 2's programs. PHOTO: Espen Solli / TV 2

DRAMATICS: After last week’s voice drama, Michael Andreassen admits that the past week has been marked by a lot of emotions. However, he will put that behind him on Saturday night. Here from program two of “Skal vi danse”.
Photo: Espen Solli (TV 2)

– Starts with minus points

On Saturday night, both Andreassen and Kahungu swung on the floor to hopefully fight on in “Skal vi danse”.

– We have a slightly awkward starting point in that we take with us the minus points from the last time, so we start at the bottom. But we have decided that it can only be as it is, then we can dance as best we can, he says and continues:

– It only goes beyond us if we are to go around fearing or being afraid. Of course, a little emotion creeps in, and it tingles in our stomachs when we go out on the floor, but then we just have to forget those feelings as best we can.

However, Nate Kahungu thinks that the arrangement is fair despite the fact that he and his dance partner should initially be at the top of the table, after as many as 40 points from the judges:

– I really think it’s fair, says Kahungu to Nettavisen and continues:

– Considering that the score from the last time is due to the duel, this is the fairest thing to do and in its place. All participants did what they could, and they deserve to take the points and make a profit for the points they received last time.

Afraid of ending up in a duel

Although Nate Kahungu and dance partner Helene Spilling convinced the judges with tonight’s show dance, they admit that they are afraid of ending up in a duel again.

Click on the image to enlarge. Shall we dance - program 04 2020 Nate Kahungu - Helene Spilling Shall we dance - program 07 The images can only be used by the media in connection with coverage of TV 2 or TV 2's programs. PHOTO: Espen Solli / TV 2

FULL POT: Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling got a full pot from the judges and got a total of 40 points on Saturday night. It does not help much as they get consequences from last Saturday when they ended up in a duel.
Photo: Espen Solli (TV 2)

– Yes, but we cross our fingers that at home they felt the dance in the same way as the judges and we did. So we can hope that we do not end up in another duel, says Kahungu to Nettavisen and admits that the week has been challenging for the psyche.

– It has been a roller coaster. We have been up and down all the time. Now we just take care to enjoy ourselves, and show that we deserve to be here, says Kahungu.

– Will convince

Trela ​​and Andreassen have worked extra hard this week to convince both judges and viewers that they deserve to continue in the dance competition.

Saturday night, the duo made a real 80’s party. Andreassen loves the 80’s, and with his show dance would pay tribute this decade to the song “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” with Wham !.

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– We have practiced a lot. It’s like a pretty rough aerobics class in a minute and a half. This is more tiring than jive, as we danced last. And it must be in a dance like that, because it’s a show. There is a lot that needs to be done, but I think it will do it, says Andrassen and continues:

– We’ll have fun with that dance. We have a fun dance that I love to dance. So I’m really looking forward to it. That’s all I can do. I can not go around worrying about anything else, or spend a lot of energy on it. It just turns out bad for me. Then I can hope and cross my fingers that people who watch want us to continue. Because we have a craving for that.

Click on the image to enlarge. Shall we dance - program 04 2020 Michael Andreassen and Ewa Trela ​​Shall we dance - program 07 The images can only be used by the media in connection with coverage of TV 2 or TV 2's programs. PHOTO: Espen Solli / TV 2

READY FOR THE PARQUET: Michael Andreassen and Ewa Trela ​​will give everything on the floor on Saturday night with their Shoedans. Here they are pictured during the dress rehearsal for tonight’s broadcast.
Photo: Espen Solli (TV 2)

– A mental challenge

If, on the other hand, there should be another duel tonight, the dancing couple is ready to take it in stride. Andreassen tells Nettavisen that his experience with dance duels is that you get extra sharp.

– If there’s a duel tonight, then we’ll dance again, then. When we went into a duel last Saturday, I got rid of all nerves and worries. Everyone who has danced a duel dances even better, so if that happens we can just drive on, says Andreassen.

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Still, he admits that dueling is not something they want them to end up in. Despite a bad start with minus points and last week’s drama in mind, the psyche has not completely taken over yet.

– But of course, in addition to the fact that “Shall we dance” is a physical challenge, it is also a mental challenge. You go in and out of a climax every Saturday. You start the week with calm training, get a big climax on Saturday and then it’s like a bang on Sunday. The following week, the same structure is again, with a bang again on Sunday. And so it goes – again and again. And that is something you have to live with, he says.


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