Ship wreck with 4,000 cars may have been caused by poorly positioned cargo


Shipwreck in Georgia, United States (Credit: Reproduction – Georgia Department of Natural Resources)

The MV Golden Ray shipwrecked on September 8, 2019 off the coast of Georgia, in the United States. The cause of the incident may have been the incorrect positioning of a cargo on the vessel.

The owner of the ship, which had 4,200 vehicles on board, is Hyundar Glovis. The US Coast Guard said the freighter suffered from instability due to a load that caused the vessel’s center of gravity to become very high.

According to Lieutenant Ian Oviatt, an engineer on the team at the Coast Guard Marine Security Center in Washington DC, the ship could have added water to the ballast tanks – compartments designed for ship stability – before leaving Brunswick Port, thus avoiding the accident.

“The cause of the ship’s sinking was the lack of correction energy due to the way the ship was loaded”, concluded Oviatt.

“The ship could have received additional ballast to comply with the 2008 Intact Stability Code. The cargo could also have been moved so that it was in a lower center of gravity,” he reported.

During a public hearing, witnesses revealed that 280 Kia Forte and Accent cars were unloaded, with 300 units of the average Kia Telluride SUV allocated to the ship. The loading was greater than the cargo space, so a deck was added.

The ship’s commander, Hyunjin Park, said the MV Golden Ray even tilted during loading. However, the vessel was stable at its departure.

Other reports revealed that, before the shipwreck, they would have seen smoke or flames, but none of the witnesses said they had seen you start any fire.

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