Should lead the debate – admits lies


OCALA, FLORIDA (Dagbladet): Steve Scully, political editor of the TV channel C-SPAN, was actually supposed to lead the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which was to be held in Miami on Friday night.

The debate was reportedly canceled because Trump refused to conduct it over video.

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Now, in addition, Scully has been suspended from the top position in the channel, reports the news agency AP on Thursday night.

Trump message

The reason is that Scully is said to have lied that his Twitter account has been hacked. Last week, among other things, his account sent a twitter message to Trump’s former spokesman Anthony Scaramucci.

Spreads “sick” Obama theory

The cryptic message from Scully was: “@Scaramucci should I respond to trump,”. It may seem as if Scully is asking Scaramucci if he should answer Trump.

Trump had shortly before called the intended debate moderator a “never Trumper” – that is, an eternal opponent of the president. Scaramucci also replied that he thought the presenter with over 30 years of experience from the channel should not respond.

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Blamed on hacking

Scully and the channel said shortly after his account was hacked and that the debate commission, the FBI and Twitter were notified.

Now he admits lies.

– This was poor judgment for which I am fully and completely responsible. I’m sorry, he said in a statement according to the Associated Press. He says he has failed colleagues and the debate commission.

- Like night and day

– Like night and day

– I ask for their forgiveness and try to get ahead, says Scully, who is said to have admitted the lie on Wednesday.

– He understands that he has made a serious mistake. We are sad because of this, the channel said in a statement. Scully, who has been among the channel’s top profiles, has now been suspended from C-SPAN’s election coverage.

New debate

Even though Scully is now out, the election campaign is fully rolling towards election day on 3 November. Today, both Trump and Biden will run so-called “town halls” – live events where they are asked questions by voters.

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Trumps will take place in Miami and be broadcast and directed by NBC. Biden presents a similar event with the rival TV channel ABC from the city of Philadelphia. Both events thus take place in important tipping states for the two candidates.

The events replace what should have been the second televised debate between the candidates. Traditionally, there are three of these, but this year it will be cut down to two. The second will take place in Nashville, Tennessee in a week.


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