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MASKORAMA: Host Silje Nordnes with panelists Jan Thomas, Marion Ravn and Nicolay Ramm. Photo: Fredrik Arff / Fremantle / NRK

In November, a NRK comes with new celebrity entertainment. “Absolutely cow-cow!” reads the description from the host.

On Friday, NRK confirms that they are betting on the Saturday entertainment «Maskorama» on NRK1, from 7 November.

The program is based on the international format “The Masked Singer”, and consists in short of eight masked celebrities dressing up and performing a musical number on stage.

Then it is the viewers and the panel – ie Jan Thomas, Marion Ravn and Nicolay Ramm – who will try to find out who is hiding behind the masks.

In addition, NRK states, the audience must choose their favorites – and the one with the fewest favorite markings must “take off the mask, be revealed and is out of the competition”, it is said in a press release from NRK.

The host is former “P3 Morgen” host Silje Nordnes, who also does not get to know who is hiding behind the masks.

We have never seen this in Norway before. It will be very fun, completely ko-ko! she says in the press release.

Nicolay Ramm has the following description of the program:

– This is live madness!

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