Simone duo, Simone tan with ribbon bikini in pregnancy


Duo of Simaria, Simone surrendered to artificial tan this Friday (16). The sertaneja recorded a video on Instagram to show more details of the aesthetic procedure, including the duct tape bikini that highlights the mark. “I already have my bikini on, because I’m going to do a bronze with my friend”, warned the artist. At 5 months pregnant, the singer showed a body part to show the model designed exclusively for her, in shades of green and orange, in the recording. The owner of the hit “Amoreco” tanned with professional Patricia Lobo do Spa e Bronze, in Fortaleza.

Simone explains wearing a ribbon bikini: ‘Hot for her husband’

Waiting for a girl, Simone revealed to be adept at tanning with electrical tape. According to the singer, the goal is to please her husband, Kak√° Diniz. “I haven’t been to Fortaleza in a while, but whenever I come to Paty, it makes me very hot for her husband. Give that pleasure to her husband”, warned the countryman in a publication that still promised to show more details of the procedure on Youtube: “I will enjoy being here and recording a video for my channel like ‘Doing bronze with my friend’. You will love this video that will come out. Wait! “

Simone evaluates pregnancy belly: ‘It looks like they are twins’

Simone revealed to be impressed with the changes in the body during pregnancy. The Simaria duo is betting on massages and lymphatic drains to reduce the swelling caused by the period, but the growth of the belly is something that causes an alert in the country. “I am not so long pregnant and I have a belly … Love! It seems that they are twins inside so big. In my first pregnancy, when I was expecting Henry, I had a huge belly. Huge! Well, I I’m thinking that this girl’s belly, which is in my womb, will be bigger! Well, I’m telling you! “, she said.

Duo of Simaria bet on walks in pregnancy

Simone is not a big fan of the gym, however the artist has been betting on light physical exercises to keep her body moving during pregnancy. “In Henry’s pregnancy I really gained a lot and was afraid of this next pregnancy. But this pregnancy is being different. Before I got pregnant, I went to the doctor, taking care of my health to plan a healthier pregnancy as possible. I hate doing it. physical exercise, (laughs) but I’ve been trying to do a walk. Light things! “, he warned.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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