Simone is summoned to enter Gusttavo Lima’s house and save union


Simone (Photo: Reproduction)

Singer Simone, who partners with Simaria, was placed on the wall to get involved in the separation of Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita

The singer Simone, of the duo with Simaria, ended up mysteriously involved in the separation of singer Gusttavo Lima and also of Andressa Suita. That’s because she, who is not even a friend of the couple, ended up exposing through her stories that she has received a flood of messages asking her to get involved and help the ex-couple to be together again.

In an Instagram message in which Simone used the question and answer tool, she received a plea from an internet user, which said the following: “Linda. See if you can reconcile Gusttavo with Andressa, can you try? ”, Said one person, while the singer opened the game about the relationship with Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita and also about what she thinks about this separation:

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“I received millions of these questions! I swear to you, that if I had contact with them, I would do that! But the times I saw it was in a dressing room at work. I never went to their house, I didn’t have any closer contact with them. If I had contact, you can be sure that I would help them fight, rescue their first love and help them fight for the family ”, said the singer, making clear everything she thinks about the end of Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita.

It is worth saying that the couple broke up overnight and took many people by surprise, since the singer would have woken his wife and said only that he no longer wanted to follow the wedding. Several rumors have already emerged from a possible lover of Gusttavo Lima, but the fact is that nothing has been confirmed so far.

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