Simone Mazzer bets on Caetano Veloso’s success and celebrities comment on the web | 2020


At 52, Simone Mazzer secured one of the spots on the Brown team. The artist from Rio de Janeiro bet on “Unholy cow“, of Caetano Veloso, and won his coach, in the ninth season of The Voice Brasil. At the end of her presentation, Lulu Santos asked Simone to tell a little about her story:

“I am an actress and singer. I started in music, but the theater took me away. It took me many years to reach Buraco da Lacraia, which is a collective that I love,” said the artist.

Meet the participant Simone Mazzer, from Time Brown

In an exclusive interview with Gshow, Simone says that she dreams of living with dignity in her profession and sharing the stage with Rita Lee. On a daily basis, the carioca likes to listen to rock in roll, good Brazilian music and, of course, she too enjoys listening to his own songs.

On the internet, celebrities like Claudia Leitte and comedian Paulo Vieira also commented on Simone’s performance:

– Photo: Internet reproduction

– Photo: Internet reproduction

Review the participant’s presentation 👇

Simone Mazzer sings “Vaca Profana”

Simone Mazzer sings “Vaca Profana”

Meet the Brown team member:

Meet Simone Mazzer

Meet Simone Mazzer

Technicians tell stories of songs that marked their careers:

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