Simone’s husband films a bikini singer: ‘Beautiful pregnancy’


Simone, a duo from Simaria, left for Ceará to enjoy a few days off with the family. The artist’s husband, businessman Kaká Diniz filmed her in a bikini during a family bikini this Wednesday (28). “And then the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, are you enjoying it?”, She asked the countrywoman, praised by Roberta Miranda in a recent photo.

Singer explains disappearance: ‘It was tiring to arrive’

Simone also recorded a video inside the pool. “Enjoying a swimming pool … Baby in the water”, said the owner of the hit “Amoreco”, also showing her oldest son, Henry, 6 years old: “My baby”. To the followers, she also explained why she had spent time disconnected. “I disappeared yesterday, because yesterday, love, it was very tiring to get to where I am. Tiring because it is a little far from Fortaleza and because the car’s swing … it’s beautiful, think. So I arrived like this, my God, without even strength to prosper, just rest “, said the artist, owner of stylish costumes during her pregnancy during” The Voice Kids “.


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