Sisters fight at birthday party and video goes viral; watch – Back


The conflicting relationship of two sisters in a video went viral on Monday night (20). With images taken on a birthday, they entered the most commented subjects of the Twitter. In the recording, Maria Eduarda, three years old, was about to blow out the candles on the celebration cake, when sister Maria Antônia, six years old, stepped forward and blew first.

Furious at the act of her older sister, the birthday girl decided to pull the hair of the other little one, which turned the video into a viral one. Still on Tuesday morning (20), the images of the clash between the two continued to resonate on social networks.


In an interview with Hugo Gloss, Gabriela Aureluk, godmother of the girls and responsible for posting the video, guaranteed that she did not imagine the repercussion that the image would have.

Gabriela pointed out that both live a normal relationship of sisters, with moments of affection and conflicts. “As it was the youngest’s birthday, the older one was jealous, it is normal. They get along very well, they are not far from each other,” he said during the interview.

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