Siv Jensen was afraid of losing her mother just before the national meeting


– I was very scared when my mother was admitted to hospital, it is quite recent. And I hurry to say that she’s fine now. But I was very afraid that it would not go well, says Siv Jensen.

TV 2 is with the party leader on a trip in the woods in Østmarka before the national meeting on Saturday, the first national meeting since the FRP left the government.

– Here I enjoy myself very much. Once I went on a moose. If you want to deliver maximum at work, then it is important to relax with exercise and fresh air.

FAMILY: Monica Kjelsberg, Siv Jensen, Nina Jensen, and Torill Roan, who is the mother of Nina Jensen’s deceased cohabitant Nicolai Roan Photo: Private

Jensen has put some tough weeks behind him. Now she tells for the first time that her mother Monica Kjelsberg (81), with whom she has a strong and close relationship, became acutely ill with intestinal fluke.

– You are never ready to lose your parents. I lost my father as a very young girl, and I’m not ready to lose my mother, so then it was all man to the pumps, she says.

Moved home to his mother

The family went through a great tragedy when sister Nina Jensen lost the love of her life, cohabitant Nicolai Roan, last summer. He died of brain cancer, three weeks after their son was born.

– I have spent a lot of time with my sister, she needs me, and I need her. It has been an incredibly heavy and tough time, says Jensen.

Now the sisters line up for the mother.

– I visited her frequently at the hospital, and when she was finally discharged, we moved in with her, looked after her and cooked for her – simply fattened her up, because she had become a little thin.

– It was also very cozy, then. It’s been a long time since I lived with my mom, and it was very nice, she says.

Tough cannonball

Jensen herself believes that she has changed a lot from when she entered politics as a young and inexperienced girl, a little afraid of not mastering and delivering – to the person she is when she goes to the podium at Frp’s national meeting on Saturday.

Siv Jensen announces FRP demand for tax cuts this autumn

– Many people think that I am such a tough cannonball, but I am very caring and care very much, she says.

Experiencing adversity and giving care to others are important personal experiences she brings into politics, she says.

– I think it makes me a better politician, because it makes it so much easier to feel real empathy for other people. It is something that I think is important with politics, to make a difference in other people’s lives, and then you have to understand the challenges people talk about.

National conservatives “beaten down”

In the political arena, there have also been tough ceilings. There is a change of mood for the party to go in a more national conservative direction, according to Geir Ugland Jacobsen, who was elected leader of Oslo Frp in February.

But Jensen shoots that direction down hard.

Throws in the towel in the fight against Frp-Jensen: – Puts resolution on Norway as a patriotic lighthouse in the drawer

She points out that the party’s national government recently voted down the resolution from the Oslo FRP that Norway should be a patriotic lighthouse.

– Are you prepared for the question of direction to come up at the national meeting?

– No, we had that debate at our national board meeting a few weeks ago, and it was severely curtailed. We stand well on the ideology we have. But what I agree with is that now that we are an opposition party, we can cultivate our own politics and our own profile. Be the tough, clear, outspoken party that the Progress Party has always been known to be.

– But Ugland Jacobsen has said that there is a change of mood in Frp, do you notice anything about it?

– No, it is possible that there are forces in Oslo Frp who think so, and they are welcome to think so, but it is now the case that the decisions that the party makes are governing the policy that the parliamentary group should lead, and which the rest of the party must lead.

Towards Siv Jensen: – Morsk, and uses threats and intimidation tactics

– I feel that there is broad support for the strategy that the national board has drawn up, and which is the marching order for our parliamentary group leading up to the election, Jensen says.


Ugland Jacobsen has stood firm on the protection of the nation state, halting non-Western immigration and that climate change is not man-made, like the heavyweights in Oslo Frp, Christian Tybring-Gjedde and Carl I. Hagen.

– The national conservatives won in Oslo Frp. Do you rule out that they can also win nationally in Frp?

– Now I relate to a very clear national government, which stated that we should not go in any such direction. We are determined on the policy we have.

– But if those who stand in this direction do not give up, are you tough enough to make a purge?

– Now you are asking some hypothetical questions. I am very pleased with the direction we have taken, and that the party has gathered around it. We are starting to get ready for the election campaign and are looking forward to the next year, says Jensen.

Does not take self-criticism

Former party chairman Carl I. Hagen has previously branded some of the compromises Frp entered into in the Solberg government as a scandal, and will have a clear speech back in the party.

– All right if Jonas is asked if he wants to take over as prime minister

“Fortunately, when there was an uprising in the Progress Party in January, Siv Jensen also finally realized that now was enough, and led an exit of the government in a very good way,” Hagen told TV 2.

– Had it gone too far then?

– Yes, it had gone too far to make compromises, he said.

Jensen believes there is no reason for her to take self-criticism for allegations that the FRP became too vague and that they made too many compromises in government.

– Now it was not me who did it. The platforms on which the party has been in government, the party’s national board has approved every single time, unanimously.

– I do not hear any self-criticism, here?

– No, but it is now the case that it is not me who has sat and made all the decisions alone. They are taken in the party, they are rooted in the party, and I think the party stands by it. In the same way that there was broad agreement when I recommended leaving the government, because everyone saw that we had reached that point, Jensen says.

– Slagsvold Vedum on the wrong team

Jensen believes that a government collaboration with the Center Party after the election could have been exciting, and wishes party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum a warm welcome to the bourgeois side.

– He is simply on the wrong team! It is not clear that he will cooperate with the Labor Party, SV MDG Rødt. There is a lot they disagree about, but those parties have one thing in common, and that is that taxes and fees should go up. And even though Trygve says that the Social Democrats are in favor of reducing taxes, it is clear in the Center Party’s new party program that taxes are good things, says the FRP leader.

She disconnects from politics and enjoys nature in the countryside before the national meeting, and states:

– Everything is not just tailwind and sunny days, neither in life nor working life. But with adversity and headwinds, you learn to appreciate things more when things are going well.


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