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The police in Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, Finnmark and Innlandet report on Sunday several accidents on slippery roads.

– In the morning, many stretches of road are slippery, with a thin layer of snow and slush in the height, but in fact also in more low-lying areas, says operations manager in Møre og Romsdal, Roar Fylling to VG.

Three traffic accidents were reported in Møre og Romsdal on Sunday. Landfill says that slippery roads have been reported throughout the county.

– There has been a traffic accident in Stranda, and later one in Sunndalen, which is at the other end of the county. I can not say what is the cause of the accidents, but it was slippery in both places, the operations manager tells VG around 12.00.

At 12.45 the police report Twitter that a car has run off the road in Sande. The persons appear unharmed. The police do not write what is the cause of the accident.

Two people have been sent to hospital after the traffic accidents in Stranda and in Sunndalen. They should both be aware, but the extent of the damage is currently unknown.

Landfill asks road users to be aware of driving conditions if they are going out on the roads on Sunday.

– If you are going to go out and drive a little up in the height, you must make sure to be properly shod. It’s going towards winter, says Fylling.

Frontal collision in Trøndelag

Challenges have also been created on the roads in Trøndelag.

– We have received several messages today in connection with slippery roads. There have been cars that have driven off the road, and most recently a head-on collision at Berkåk, says operations manager in Trøndelag police district, Øystein Sagen to VG.

The frontal collision was between a trailer and a car. The two people in the car must both be aware. The extent of the damage is currently unknown and they are taken care of by health personnel.

– We usually do not receive reports of good driving, but we occasionally receive reports from around the district that there are slippery roads, he says, and encourages people to check the weather forecast before getting in the car.

At 14.19, the police in Trøndelag report Twitter that a car has run off the road in Oppdal. No one should be injured in the descent.

Two accidents in the Inland

The police in the Inland have reported two traffic accidents during Sunday.

First a downhill run in Tolga, where it was slippery and rutted on the spot. Then a car drove into the ditch at Veo bridge on Sjodalsvegen.

– It is snowing and tracky in higher areas and on the mountain passes. It was reported, so we were prepared for it and follow along. Then we hope that motorists are also prepared. Now it’s just a matter of shoeing for the conditions, says operations manager in the Innlandet police district, Sissel Svarstad to VG.

A traffic accident in Finnmark

In Finnmark, there was a report on Sunday of a traffic accident in Kirkenes, where it was also slippery.

– I can not say anything about the cause, but we have been notified that it was slippery on the spot. The person got out of the car on his own and is being checked by health, says operations manager in Finnmark police district, Eirik Pedersen.

The police later sign on Twitter that there is no question of personal injury, and that the police report the case when the car was not equipped with winter tires.

The police in Finnmark have not received any more reports of slippery roads on Sunday, but the operations manager says that one must take into account that it is now winter driving in several places on the roads.

– The first snowfall has come in recent days. It is always a challenge to move from safe summer driving to more demanding driving. So I want to say “obs obs” to all road users, says Pedersen.

– Do not go on the mountain without winter tires

The Meteorological Institute wrote on Friday that they expected periods of snow in the height this weekend.

– We have updated the danger warnings for snow in Norway, and from the Sognefjord to western Finnmark, periods of snow in the height are expected this weekend. Do not go to the mountains without winter tires !, they wrote Twitter.

Sunday writes the meteorologists that the season’s first snowfall comes in several places in southern Norway on Monday and Tuesday, but that in the lowlands it will eventually turn to rain.

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