Sniffer dogs are trained to identify passengers with Covid-19 at Moscow airport


Moscow International Airport has started training 15 sniffer puppies to identify passengers with Covid-19 that pass through the country’s capital. The dogs are of the Shalaika breed, developed in Russia especially for this type of service. The information is from G1.

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The goal is to help reduce the time that infected people spend on boarding and disembarking aircraft in order to minimize contamination.

Aeroflot, the Russian state aviation company, is responsible for organizing the training, which will be completed in December. The forecast is that the animals will start to sniff out those infected in 2021. However, it depends on the success of the training.

“We are currently discussing with our partners how it will work. It may be due to the masks worn by passengers or saliva samples through which the dogs will identify the infected parts ”, said Vitáli Saveliev, president of Aeroflot, in an interview with Gazeta Russa.

How does it work

For starters, trainers introduce a new smell to dogs and instruct them to sniff it out among healthy donor samples. When identifying the aroma, they should bark or wag their tails.

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Each training session lasts 30 minutes. Then the Shalaikas can rest for an hour.

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