Some more Little Hope secrets revealed


We have already revealed on several occasions, here at Pplware, that the end of The Dark Pictures Anthology series is coming, with Little Hope.

The game is about to be released, so we leave you with the latest trailer revealed by The Dark Pictures Anthology and Bandai Namco for the game.

Little Hope's story follows a group of four college students and their teacher who are trapped in the seemingly abandoned city of Little Hope.

While looking for a way to get out of there, they are invaded by visions of the city's terrible past that haunt them and will have to fight against the demons that devastate that place.

In order to survive, they will mainly have to discover the strange connection that unites them to the history of the city, which has a past associated with witches and occult powers, from the 17th century (Witches of Salem).

The latest trailer revealed by Bandai Namco, shows more of the atmosphere of terror and suspense that surrounds this adventure of students and teacher.

Play alone or with friends

Little Hope allows you to play alone or with friends and collaboratively face some difficult dilemmas that will shape the fate of the characters. They will also unlock some of the hidden secrets that will help us discover the story of Little Hope.

It will also be possible to unlock bonus content that reveals details about the game's production, including some behind-the-scenes images, interviews, exclusive comics and art books!

According to Supermassive Games, the player's curiosity will be rewarded by discovering various points of interest, such as mysterious images that will show a possible future within the gameā€¦ it is up to the player, to use these premonitions sensibly when making choices, since the characters' lives may depend on it!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be released on October 30 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Little Hope


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