Sony demonstrates the PlayStation 5 User Interface on video


PlayStation revealed for the first time what the user experience will be like on PlayStation 5, as you can see in the video that is shared at the end of this news.

In addition to the video, the Japanese giant published a message on the PlayStation Blog where it details the details that promise to mark the way players will interact with the new console.

The new User Interface is dominated by a feature called Control Center when they are in the game, showing a series of cards with information about the game they are experiencing. The first of these cards can show news associated with the game in question, while the rest show the progress made in several “Activities” suggested by the console.

One of the features that could be useful is related to the fact that PlayStation 5 can estimate, based on your own style of play, the approximate time it will take to complete a certain activity. For example, the time they will need to reach the end of a level.

Supported games will also feature a “help” function for PlayStation Plus members. In practice, they can be taken to a card for a particular goal in a title, press a relevant button on an unfulfilled goal and receive advice or even a video with clues on what to do next without having to leave the game or consult a guide .

These cards, it is worth adding, can be posted by the player himself according to his needs. This way you will have quick access to them or even the possibility of having them on display with the game for a consultation without interruptions or distractions.

Voice chats and Parties are also features that make their presence felt on the video, including interactive notifications that can be accessed without having to leave the console menu, as they had to do on PlayStation 4.

On PlayStation 5, Parties become persistent, with players being able to watch other members’ games or share what they are doing with them. Again, they will be able to do this without having to leave the work they are enjoying.

No home screen from the console, the layout is very similar to what they are used to on PlayStation 4, however, the graphics have been updated and optimized for 4K screens. There is a new “Explore” section that will offer players an overview of their games, as well as showing news, stories, etc. from official channels. This feature will be in testing in the United States of America when the console is released, so not all regions will have access to it in November.

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be launched in Portugal on November 19th.


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