Sony is preparing to unify all accounts


A Sony is working on unifying all of their accounts, which means that soon users will only need one login do PlayStation Network to have access to all the company’s services. This is a long-awaited change, and will affect PlayStation services, such as PlayStation Store and PlayStation Now, merged with Sony Mobile, Sony Electronics and Sony Rewards.

All you need to do is log in to any of the company’s services with your existing PSN information, and accept the terms and conditions for creating an account. If, for example, you already have a Sony Rewards account associated with PlayStation Network with a different email address, just follow the steps and log in again with your PSN credentials. This will become your main means of accessing the site, but you can have more information about it here.

PlayStation Network will be the login unique on the PlayStation network

It looks like this is part of yet another major overhaul of the Japanese giant’s infrastructure, which will culminate in the introduction of a new browser-based PlayStation Store, which will arrive later this month. Sony is looking for a way to streamline its users’ experience, and that seems like a solid step in that direction, assuming it can make the transition without stopping or crashing for users.

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