Sony reveals another of the great mysteries of PS5


The PlayStation 5 is about a month off the market and the enthusiasm of the fans could not be greater. However, there was, until today, a point that they were eager to get to know.

Through a very enlightening video, Sony has finally revealed what the PS5 interface will look like. The video shared by the Japanese company is over 11 minutes long and gives us a very clear idea of ​​how to interact with the new console.

PlayStation 5 brings many new features to its interface

PlayStation 5 will present a very different interface from that on PS4. The new menus are based on the idea that users value the time they spend playing, so everything there must have meaning.

Players will be able to access the menus whenever they wish, simply by pressing the PlayStation button present in the new DualSense 5. There, you will not only have access to information related to your games, but also to what is happening in the world. gaming.

This is one of the main new features of the PlayStation 5 interface. In the new Sony console you will have a card dedicated only to the news of your favorite games and other topics of interest.

With the introduction of the Activities category, Sony will give its players quick access to the various challenges present in their games. These will give you direct access to certain levels in any game, in addition to showing you what you have not yet completed or revealing how much time you will need to fulfill that challenge.

To get to know all the news, I advise you to watch the video above. In it you will have a complete guide through the PlayStation 5 interface with all the explanations you need.

PlayStation 5 arrives in Portugal on November 19

The two summers of the new Sony console arrive in Portugal on November 19. PlayStation 5 and its digital edition arrive on our market just in time to make a splash during the coming Christmas season.

Regarding prices, PlayStation 5 will be sold for € 499. Digital Edition will cost 399 €, the only difference for the first being the absence of a disc player.

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