SP assesses relationship between syndrome in children and the new coronavirus


The Pediatric Multisystemic Inflammatory Syndrome (SIM-P), which can affect several organs of the body and cause the death of patients, is currently one of the focuses of concern of the city of São Paulo, in the context of the pandemic of covid-19.

As highlighted by the Deputy Municipal Secretary of Health, Edjane Torreão, in a press interview this Tuesday (13th), several studies have pointed to the association between the disease and Sars-Cov-2 infection.

One of them was developed by researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP). The results, published in the journal The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, were based on the case of an 11-year-old girl and died after having covid-19.

In the interview, Edjane pointed out that, in an epidemiological bulletin of the week of September 26, the state government of São Paulo reported that 197 cases of SIM-P in Brazil and 55 cases and four deaths in the state had been recorded. At that time, only in the capital, two deaths had been registered, and 20 cases were still under investigation.

“Although it is a rare syndrome, there is a reason why the secretariat is careful to assess how SIM-P behaved in the city, in the state and in the world,” he said.

Among the several examples of research he mentioned, Edjane highlighted the conclusions reached by a team from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, made with 570 children. What was identified was that one third had mild symptoms of SIM-P, one third had severe respiratory symptoms and one third, simultaneously, symptoms of covid and Kawasaki Syndrome, such as fever, inflammation of the blood vessels and which can worsen, causing coronary artery aneurysm.

“Until April 26, 27, covid was always associated with mild or unreported cases, not only in São Paulo, but also in Brazil and in the world. After alert, the United Kingdom, its health service, alerts the pediatric community of a new clinical presentation. This syndrome had been presenting itself and brought a new clinical presentation, temporarily associated, in weeks, days before patients, children who had covid or their family members “, explains the secretary, adding that, since July 4th, health professionals in Brazil are required to report cases of the disease.

According to Edjane, one of the central issues is the rate of children who were infected with covid-19 and remain asymptomatic, which, in the capital of São Paulo, is estimated between 64.4 and 69.5%. According to a school survey also presented yesterday, by the city hall, it was calculated, in its last and most recent stage, that the prevalence of covid-19 among students in the municipal school system is 17.6%. Institutions in the state and private schools were also analyzed, with rates of 15.4% and 12.6%, respectively. Repeating a pattern observed in the adult population, the highest prevalence of covid-19 is seen among brown and black children belonging to the classes D and E.


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