SP reaches 38,726 deaths from the new coronavirus


Cedoc / RAC

This Saturday, the 24th, the State of São Paulo reached 38,726 deaths from the new coronavirus and 1,089,255 people infected by the disease. In the last 24 hours alone, there were 118 new deaths and 5 614 registered cases of Covid-19, according to data from the State Department of Health.

Until 11:30 am on Saturday, the number of patients hospitalized for the coronavirus was 7,165, of which 3,177 were in the Intensive Care Unit.

In Greater São Paulo, 40.2% of the ICU beds are occupied, while this rate reaches 39.7% in the state network.

In all, 972,113 people in the state have already recovered from the disease and all 645 municipalities have at least one confirmed case of infection. Of these, 586 have one or more deaths.

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