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It was a different weighing from all the others. In the first UFC event held on Halloween, Halloween in the USA, the ones faced after UFC Hall x Silva took weight had a curious moment: Anderson Silva, one of the protagonists of the event, went to the bathroom just in time to pose for photos with your opponent, Uriah Hall. With that, the Jamaican and Dana White waited patiently for a few moments on the stage until the Brazilian returned and posed for the photographers.

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Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva face respectfully in Las Vegas – Photo: Getty Images

Another unprecedented event marked the weigh-in this Friday: Greg Hardy became the first heavyweight in UFC history to stay above the category’s 120.7kg limit (he scored 120.9kg). As, under the rules of the Nevada Athletic Commission, he would be entitled to an additional hour to cut the excess 200g, the fighter was the first to pose for the face to face with his rival, Maurice Greene, and went backstage to start the final weight cutting process. About 20 minutes later, he returned and spiked 120kg, avoiding the 20% fine on his bag.

Bobby Green and Thiago Moisés looked hard after weighing in UFC Hall x Silva – Photo: Getty Images

Anderson Silva weighed 83.5kg at weigh-in UFC Hall x Silva – Photo: Getty Images

The weigh-in began with the news that Brazilian flyweight Priscila Pedrita had problems with weight reduction, hitting her head in the hot tub and being taken to the hospital, causing her fight against Cortney Casey to be removed from the event. . With one fight less, the weightlifting had 16 of the 22 fighters weighing themselves in the first 35 minutes of the 2h window. Among the fighters who climbed the scales were Anderson Silva and Uriah Hall, protagonists of the main event fight. Showing excellent physical form, Spider hit 83.5kg, while Hall hit 84.4kg, staying at the middleweight limit.

Uriah Hall was at the middleweight limit at UFC Hall x Silva weigh-in – Photo: Getty Images

Another Brazilian at the event, lightweight Thiago Moisés hit 70.8kg, staying at the limit of the category.

Thiago Moisés calmly passed the UFC Hall x Silva weigh-in – Photo: Getty Images

After appearing on the weigh-in stage with just one minute left to the window, heavyweight Greg Hardy hit 120.8 kg, 200g over the limit with the pound of tolerance already, with and without his clothes on (the fighter weighed himself twice ). By the rules of the Nevada Athletic Commission, when a situation like this happens and the fighter is in healthy condition, he has an extra hour to try to cut the excess weight. Hardy made use of the rule, and in just over 20 minutes, he returned to the stage and put in 120kg, staying within the weight.

Greg Hardy weighed himself without clothes and, even so, exceeded the heavyweight limit in weighing in UFC Hall x Silva – Photo: Getty Images

Middleweight Cole Williams “blew the scales” at weigh-in, clearly overweight and scoring 79.6kg, staying 2kg above the category’s 77.6kg limit. His opponent, Jason Witt, hit 77.3kg.

Cole Williams broke his weight at 2kg at the UFC Hall x Silva weigh-in and was fined by the organization – Photo: Getty Images

Another one not to beat the weight was the middleweight Jack Marshman. The Welshman didn’t blow his weight like Cole Williams – he scored 85.1kg, staying 700g from the 84.4kg limit – and was fined 20% of his scholarship.

Jack Marshman did not hide his discouragement for not hitting the weight at UFC Hall x Silva weigh-in – Photo: Getty Images

Check the weights of all athletes:

Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Uriah Hall (84.4kg) vs Anderson Silva (83.5kg)
Featherweight (up to 66.2kg): Bryce Mitchell (66.2kg) vs. Andre Fili (66.2kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Kevin Holland (84.1kg) vs. Charlie Ontiveros (82.8kg)
Heavyweight (up to 120.7kg): Maurice Greene (113.4kg) vs. Greg Hardy (120kg)
Lightweight (up to 70.8kg): Bobby Green (70.3kg) x Thiago Moisés (70.8kg)
Lightweight (up to 70.8kg): Chris Gruetzemacher (70.5kg) vs. Alexander Hernandez (70.5kg)
Bantamweight (up to 61.7kg): Adrian Yanez (61.5kg) vs. Victor Rodriguez (60.3kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Sean Strickland (84.1kg) vs. Jack Marshman ** (85.1kg)
Middleweight (up to 77.6kg): Cole Williams * (79.6kg) vs. Jason Witt (77.3kg)
Heavyweight (up to 93.4kg): Dustin Jacoby (92.5kg) vs. Justin Ledet (93.2kg)
Bantamweight (up to 61.7kg): Miles Johns (61.2kg) vs. Kevin Natividad (61kg)

* Exceeded the category limit by 2kg and was fined 30% of the scholarship, with the amount being reversed to his opponent.

** It exceeded the category limit by 700g and was fined 20% of the stock exchange, with the amount being reverted to your opponent.

All fighters were entitled to a tolerance of one pound (0.464 kg) in their weights, as no card fight is valid for a belt.

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